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All sorts of wonderful tidbits from embedding to blogging
After maxing out two blog journals, I decided it was time to put down the instructions to make the current blog the one that gets the nod for the updating prompts. This one is courtesy of Sophy

Go to your account settings, and under "Personal Display Options" you fill find a box to enter your new blog's Item ID#.

Hope that helps!


Dragon is right, audio is premium plus to upload. audio is different from video.

The ML is {audio:}, so you would do something like ** Audio Unavailable ** and get

Example MP3: Applause (#933413)

PS I don't have premium plus, so embedding it must not require premium plus, only uploading it. (Elle wrote this note)


Here's Elle's helpful tip of the day.

Linking to a member:

Elle - on hiatus =

Elle - on hiatus =

Elle - on hiatus = (507)

Elle - on hiatus = (507)

Embedding an awardicon:

Ownership error: awardicon #138778 =

You can make it various sizes by using {saward:}, {maward:} or {laward:}.

You can link to any awardicon you have given or received.

If you use it will show a random awardicon from your trophy room (changing each time the page is refreshed).

Embedding a merit badge:

Invalid Merit Badge #203528 =

You can make it various sizes by using {sbadge:}, {mbadge:} or {lbadge:}.

You can link to any merit badge you have given or received.

If you use Merit Badge in The Crown
[Click For More Info]

   Congratulations on winning 3rd Place in  [Link To Item #got]  2017! That is an amazing accomplishment and maybe you can join us next year for the last round of GoT. *^*Heart*^* ~ Gaby it will show a random badge from those you have received (changing each time the page is refreshed).

And, if you want to show the code you use, double the brackets. So if I want it to show Elle - on hiatus instead of , I type {suser:elle}.

This newsfeed post was brought to you by the letter N and the colour green.



My memory is hit or miss lately and there is one memory that I retain very well and that is this: If it’s step-by-step, it will all come back to me. And…..store it in a logical place, which mean right on the website.

So this is how I learned to imbed a picture in a story

1. Select the create button on the left hand drop down menu.

2. From Column 2 of the static menu, go down to the upgraded section and hit image.

3. Insert a unique title.

4. select what kind of image this, I usually use photograph or clipart

5. put in at least a one word description

6. Rate the image description

7. choose a content rating

8. select access and membership restrictions

9. Choose a genre, I usually pick other because this is for personal use.

10. You have to put at least one word in the Item Body.

11. In the image section, select the photo/image you want to upload.

12. I skip the rest of section 5 and all of section 6. Save the item.

By this time you should receive an error message and you will wonder how to fix it. If I t accepts, pat yourself on the back, you are already smarter than me.

If you have a Windows photo viewer, you should be able to tell the size of the picture. You need to get it 400 x 400 at least. Play around with the sizing until the bottom bar reads that it is less than 400 x 400.

13. When you have an item that is the appropriate length and it saves, you should now have a static item image with it’s own ID number.

14. When using this ID number in a short story, in your portfolio description or your bio use this format: ** Image ID #xxxxxx Unavailable ** As long as you do not delete it from your portfolio page or folder, you will be fine.

Now we pray to God that this actually works and hope he hears the prayer of sinners and saints. I am pretty sure this is not perfect because i wanted something without all the static stuff around it, but it will have to do for now, or until somebody with a big brain suggests a workable fix.

For videos

Here's the instructions:

Type {embed:

Paste the http address after the colon. IN this case: https://www.youtube.com/watch?feature=player_embedded&v=jDAha2XYIOY

BUT notice how it reads https:// ? Well, in order for it to work smoothly, remove the "s" so that it reads http:// instead. WHICH means it should read like this http://www.youtube.com/watch?feature=player_embedded&v=jDAha2XYIOY

Then close brackets }

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