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A mother wishs she could put an old head on young shoulders.
“Come on Tim It’s past noon you really need to get dressed and do your chores” Allison told her son with an exasperated sigh.

Tim lounges on the sofa in his underwear and rolls his eyes at his mother’s nagging.

“Aww, mom. Can’t you see I’m watching cartoons? I’ll do it later.” he whines wishing that the older woman would just quit bugging him.

Allison suppressed a growl of frustration not wanting to get into another fight with her son. He’s a good kid really but he’s so immature, she thinks to herself, thirteen is much too old to be watching cartoons in her opinion. She picks up the laundry remembering what her mother used to say about not being able to to put an old head on young shoulders.

“I sure wish I could though” she mutters to herself.

As she speaks there is a flash of light as the universe grants her idle wish in a most unexpected way. Blinking away spots she finds herself sat on the sofa in front of the TV, Steven Universe blaring from the screen. She feels long hair tickling her bare shoulders and frowns, surely she had been wearing a blouse? She looks down and almost screams. Her body is not her own, she has skinny arms and a flat chest with wispy hairs growing around a pair of small nipples. Past that she sees a taut stomach a pair of narrow hips long muscular legs and most shockingly a pair of boxer shorts containing an unmistakably male bulge.

"What the fuck!" She yells and hears her son saying the samething behind her.

She turns and sees her own body grabbing it's own tits with Tim's shocked face staring back at her. She raises trembling hands to her own face feeling her familiar features with her unfamiliar fingers. Somehow, impossibly, Her head is on Tim's body and his head is on hers.

"Holy shit!" He laughs squeezing her boobs "these things feel amazing. Ha I can't believe it the first pair of tits I get to play with and they are my mom's."

She feels sick watching the boy explore her body, pawing at her generous ass and full tits hitching up her skirt to touch her wet and aching cunt. Allison is disgusted by the sight of her former body being treated like a piece of meat but at the same time her current teenage body can't help responding to the pronographic display. She feels a growing sense of confusion along with the growing tightness in her shorts.

"Stop, stop..." she groans rubbing at her painfully hard cock "you can't treat my body like that. Oh, this is so wrong."

But as her arousal increases she is finding it increasingly hard to think.

"Tim shouldn't be touching my body like that" she thinks "but how can it be my body when it's over there, but I know it's my body, but then whose body is this? I can feel it, it's real, it must be mine but I remember having a pussy too...."

Her thoughts circle around and around as her mind struggles to accept the new memories that go with the strange new reality that her careless wish has created.

"If those are my tits then this must be my cock too. Yes that must be it, that body is my body and this body is my body too."

Even as she thinks it she knows it is true. She experiences a moment of dislocation as reality makes a final adjustment and then she is seeing the world through two sets of eyes, inhabiting two bodies. There never was a Tim just her, one mind in two bodies, both incredibly horny.

"Well since I've got the house to myself I may as well have some fun" she says in both her voices.

With a wicked double smile she strips off her boxers and her dress and prepares to give herself the best fucking of her life.

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