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A physicist discovers how to end all entropy, leading to the birth of gentle giants.
The Gigaverse
It started about a month ago. Astronomers noticed several large obstructions hiding stars from certain viewpoints of the sky. Being that they could obstruct starlight meant they were closer than most believed. They postulated the obstructions were black holes, but this was proven false by the fact they sometimes moved then disappeared entirely. It would also highly improbable for several black holes to suddenly rip open on the same span of days.

Then three weeks ago came the announcement from the sky. Enormous humanoid beings appeared over seven major cities: Tokyo, D.C., Santiago, Cape Town, London, Brisbane, and Hong Kong. There was one titan for each city whose size could be measured in miles. Then more who were also monstrously sized appeared over other central cities like New York. The world was in temporary panic. Armies began to ready up and fire upon these giants, but on that day certain technologies ceased functioning. Those that manage to work were halted or put back down by some invisible force and made incapable of use.

The titans proclaimed Earth and all the Milky Way, in fact our entire universe as part of the newly formed Gigaverse. An even greater voice, seemingly coming both from the sky and our own minds spoke out to the world in every language. Apparently a young genius physicist named Jericho Lux in an alternate dimensional version of Earth studied a way to halt the expansion of the universe and the cause of Entropy. Other dimensions may have begun before or after ours began so some take place in farther futures like his. He studied multiple theories, even the formulation of white holes to stop the force of black holes.

When his theories barely made any progress he decided to conduct an experiment on opening ways into multiple dimensions. He believed that by harnessing energy from other dimensions he could at least stop the entropy of his own universe. Through a series of only partly explainable events he became one with energy. His atoms gained his will, and from the absorption of photons from his Earth's sun he grew immensely with every passing moment. Eventually he grew past his planet's size and continued to grow. He was able to control all matter around him.

Through odd means, he was able to bear children by birthing them within star clusters or stars themselves. These would bear more and more. They gained so much power they ripped right through their dimension and would search for other universe that had no life inhabiting. Keeping the planets that had potential for life in stasis. Then they'd move on. Being that dimensions are infinite they have infinite growth potential. They are an unstoppable, all loving breed of what we could only call gods. Though they had no desire to be called such.

Jericho is now beyond size. He plans to continually absorb universes into his Gigaverse, bear more children, and stop all entropy by recycling then organizing energy using his will. His power only effects what is within him, and he cannot foresee the events of every single minute feature of every planet as he expands since his will is more directed at absorbing other dimensions.
This leads back to us, the little people now it seems. It was insane, but they proved it true. The giants are all male and range in class structures given a letter each. From F to XXX. F being the lowest class, nearly no difference to average people except a bit larger and only ten percent of their photon and electron energy is controllable by their will. A are the nation sized titans, the ones who appeared over the first seven cities they made contact with, able to control eighty percent of their potential power. S classes are planet sized, by this class they can control their sizes one-hundred percent of the time. SS class are sun sized and are the last type that can be born from a sun. X classes are around the size of a solar system. XX a galaxy or nebula. And finally XXX, universe sized. Once they harbinger a universe within themselves it is part of the collected Gigaverse. To make sure living creatures are not alarmed by their appearance, size, and might, they can become invisible or appear as anything even while parts of space are within them.

Apparently the X class who is currently holding the Milky Way's name is Jayce. He's the loud voice we all heard the day they arrived. He said he's a Sox fan and loves the taste of chocolate pudding... This leads to today and the giants themselves...they're disgustingly nice. First their body make-up; S classes and up do not have innards, they are made entirely of energy. Thus it's not to say that they've eaten space, more like absorbed and now surround. They do not feed on other energy but can move it and restructure it entirely by force of will. Their atoms themselves are them. They can replace the makeup of matter to make it into other matter, even living tissue without the matter restructuring back into its original state and without radiation from subatomic particle separation. Living alchemists. Thus they are immortal, can shape shift, make sure all energy within them is regulated without any output energy, preventing further entropy. They can even make their photons and atoms into hard light and physical substance. This was tested by a group of scientists who were allowed to study Jayce from the outside of his body. He gave them air, made his skin thin enough to have Earth gravitational pull and allowed them to walk on his body. They got lost having only moved a few miles on his chest and were taken back to Earth.

From the outside the upper classes appear as human looking with glowing blue outlines. When Jayce gave himself skin he chose the look of a tan thirty something year old with long black hair, a goatee, and green eyes. He said the goatee was something his boyfriend was into, whoever was in charge of quadrant two of our seventeen-hundred quadrant, now divided Milky Way. Named Richtor for whoever cared to know. Fun fact they bounced off us, the XXX class were currently developing a way to have an afterlife. Supposedly they hypothesized that keeping the matter of a person and implying its will into them then back into a newborn or keeping it within their infinite energies could create a potential reincarnation and Afterlife system. Further testing was needed as they do not wish to test this on people and rather tried it on themselves first. Of course since they were only just born, none of them were dying yet. They were also testing to see if there was any form of afterlife already existing since they didn't want to halt that, but understood most people would take either option so the XXXs were studying that as well after absorbing a universe in a sort of philosophical circle. People of course had their doubts as...I'll get to in the personality portion of this.

All the giant classes below S were not immortal, the more energy of their body they controlled the longer they lived. This lead to F classes living supposedly slightly above average lifespans while the titans of A class would live for thousands of years. This is because their physical tissue would break down eventually and they did not have complete control over outer matter enough to absorb it. They didn't mind this at all and liked it better this way. They could live and die with their friends as they put it.
         Now about their...personalities, abilities and mindsets. They are not a collective hive mind, though they can share thoughts. As I mentioned earlier they are unbearably nice. They have a strange curiosity with everything, they are not intrusive but most ask loads of questions. Other then that they are all individuals, able to be angry, upset, sad, hysterical, crazy, but never violent or harmful. Being partly made of energy all can control their weight and mass, even change size, float/fly, or become invisible if C class or above. Only F through D classes need to eat food, and even D classes can go without food for days on end. They can be hurt and can feel pain, though the higher the class the more invulnerable they are if not made obvious by their size. Being able to control matter gives them seemingly psychic/magical powers: combustion, telekinesis, cyrokinesis, hard light, healing, etc. They even have empathic capabilities, able to ease minds and hypnotize, again only by choice. In fact the reason there hasn't been any mass hysteria, suicides, or heart attacks is because the titans and B classes spread waves of therapeutic waves into our minds. Attempts at first contact before have been much worse they stated, till they figured out how to alieve minds. The only limit still being their class of power. Their incubation rate when being born is incredibly fast. Jayce's son is currently being born in our sun as we speak, he's been in there for two weeks and is already a toddler from what we've been told. They transfer basic knowledge into each other and leave the rest to be learned so as to allow individuality. S class and up are given more knowledge to keep their prime directive constant; which is always the elimination of entropy.

They are so altruistic in fact they plan to sacrifice some of their upper numbers to expel black holes since that has been one of the only ways found to eliminate them. When a star in a non-inhabitable solar system goes nova they use its energy to bear more children or grow an SS to an X class. This will prevent new black holes from existing forever it seems. For those who kill themselves to expel black holes, they will be the first to be tested for their afterlife experiments. Currently Jericho has absorbed 14,000 universes, twenty-two percent of those are known to be uninhabitable, dark, or otherwise. They have not really given information about the otherwise as they're not even quite sure. Apparently some universes ended up very different than perceived. This makes 3080 XXX classes so far plus uncountable ones being born naturally, if that word can be used, and we're in one of them. I can't remember his name, it's been an exhausting month and I'm pretty sure I've gone insane.

Physiology, besides all looking uncannily like men and the upper classes being of pure energy, they have very unique body structures. They can shapeshift, grow appendages, sprout functioning wings tails and the like. The extent again limited to their base energy. However growing body parts requires mass, energy, and time based on their class. For example, a B class who specifically requested to spread the news over the Vatican City formed himself to resemble the archangel Gabriel's male depictions. Being able to control sixty-five percent of his energy he used it to sprout the wings and illuminate the sky. This was at the cost of some of his mass that he used to grow the wings, making him smaller than his maximum size. They all can gain these appendages permanently, but it requires nutrition that will be converted to mass, then finally form into what they want at will. Lower classes can't do this as quickly and in fact the F and E classes take long periods of time spanning weeks to months to change their bodies depending on how great of a change it is. That's even including after their bodies have sufficient mass.

Now in closing I will discuss their goals, for the classes below S. They plan to make other worlds inhabitable for more species in each galaxy. They do this while contacting already inhabited worlds, but only a little at a time in case a snag happens in their plans. Currently the giants inhabit Io, a moon orbiting Jupiter that has been suspected of one day being capable of holding life. They've terraformed about half of it. They did not decide to come to Earth until they found a planet of their own as a based to settle on. They have no desire to police our world and are giving us a year to mingle with their kind. If after a year the majority of the population wants them gone they will leave. They are releasing their control over all weapons of the world in two months. This is to keep their own people safe as they believe hostility will be down by then since the same has happened on other inhabited worlds they've been to. Which they understand since most would feel incredibly fearful towards beings as powerful as they are. In society they are still individualistic, but always try to be polite and understanding. The lower class giants can be more human, but the upper class have a strange, almost...etherealness to them, beyond the mortal plane of understanding and are thus humanitarian and non-controlling in nature. Their political views are nonexistent. They abide by whatever law of the land there is, but will fly or teleport away from areas they are too uncomfortable with the laws in. Sex...right...being what they are and how they are, they are passionate, sensual people... Why am I having trouble with this? Though they appear male and function as men for the most part, till C class where they are male looking hermaphrodites or asexual in look, they are capable of bearing children for human men or impregnating women. This is entirely by choice, they can force their bodies not to impregnate themselves or anyone else. So far they've all been disallowed from having children with anyone till five months from now. This hasn't stopped some...accidents of love? Also...massive space org...no, redacted. Just know their sensuality extends between themselves as well...no matter the size.

We've been told our current S class watching our planet is named Alex. He's appeared as a pale lean man with blue hair and green eyes. He's only our temporary till our assigned S class arrives, his name started with an A as well if I recall. He stated that he's trying to represent Earth's outward appearance out of appreciation. He's been the one delivering the giants from Io along with his 3 brothers who are studying our solar system and watching over the birth of Jayce's son. They will deliver up to 50,000 giants here by the end of next month. They are having discussions at the U.N. soon to ask permission to help the terraformation of Mars and to check if there is indeed Hell inside of it. They already plan to terraform Venus. It will only be for A through C classes since F through D cannot survive the climate even after terraforming. They only ask about Mars since we've set foot on there first. So far everyone's thoughts have pretty much been yes, but they still want to ask official permission.

I'm currently taking care of one, specimen 29603-E out of the 30,000 that are on Earth to mingle as of now. An E class, his usual height is twenty-five feet. Real name Feri. He used his powers to grow a tail and cat ears for some reason. Specializes in controlling water. I've been teaching him how to write and draw. He enjoys classical music, especially the piano. He wants to be a pianist. He's crap at it...but it's nice to have something to wake up to besides a cold empty house...

I officially resign as a scientist as of three months from now if the tests on Feri prove positive. End of Report.

May no one ever find this if positive...

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