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Plant the seeds,
Billy banged into the kitchen through the back door. Three flies popped in behind him and headed for the plate of cookies on the counter. Billy’s mom was famous for them -- she’d even started selling them to the neighbors. “Mom!” Billy shouted. “I need more lemonade! Where are you?”

From the dining room, his mother shouted, “What?” Then she said into the phone at her ear, “Helen, I’ll call you back. But don’t worry. I’ll get three pies over to the Women’s Club by noon. Let’s sell up a storm this time!” She entered the kitchen and asked, “More lemonade already? You just set up ten minutes ago.”

“It’s not for my stand,” said Billy. “I came into the house for a minute and when I got back, my lemonade was gone. Then I saw Kyle down the street in front of his house. He had my lemonade and the customers were lined up!”

“What?” said his mom. “Did you go down there and talk to him?”

“Yeah!” Billy replied. “I said, ‘Where’s that money you owe me?’” Billy’s mom laughed – she couldn’t help it. Billy continued, “Kyle says you make the best lemonade in Seattle. Let’s give him some more!”

“Billy, I can’t spend all day making lemonade for your friends,” said his mom.

“But think about it,” said Billy. “We can just sell lemonade to other kids and let them do the work. It’s perfect! It’s hot today. We’d make a ton of money!”

His mom regarded Billy. “Okay,” she said. “It’s not a bad idea, actually. I’ll make up another couple of batches.”

“Yay, thanks, Mom!” Billy shouted. “And you know, if we sold slices of pie, we’d make even more!”

“Oh, get out of here. I’ll call you when the lemonade’s ready,” said Mrs. Gates.
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