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Rated: 13+ · Poetry · LGBTQ+ · #2055753
A short poem I wrote on my feelings of coming out as a bisexual. A bit all over the place.
I once knew, what it is to be outcast
To be repulsive, to be outlast
To be an illness, be dead at last
But now, I know, it all was just a phase

I once knew, how I could not raise
How I would burn, how I would burn for days
How I should die, how I should burn in flames
But now, I know, that no one truly cared

I once knew, how the silence sneered
How leaves fell down, upon a bed of snares
How I was filth, my throat I should have bared
But now, I know, it was all just in my head

I now know, delusions of grandeur
How I believed I somehow was better
I now know, that no one really cared
It’s just another person; it’s not even that rare

And yet, the knowledge leaves me broken
Acceptance should not be spoken
For I am not someone no more,
I’m just another silent roar
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