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Contest entry for children's poetry, September. Placed third!
Side Walking

Side walking on a sidewalk
My momma and me
A sunny day on a Sunday
With our dog, makes three.

I scream for my ice cream
Spilt on the concrete.
Drip drops on my flip flops,
Doggie gets a big treat.

Bored walking past the boardwalk,
Seagulls cry above my head.
Doc Bee down on the B dock
With Miss Sue, they're gonna wed.

Dog barks in the dog park,
Wants some company.
Poodle leaves a puddle
Up against a tree.

Steep hill to the steeple,
People streaming out.
I see my friend Elsie,
To her I give a shout.

Side walk to a jay walk,
Gotta cross Main Street.
My hand in Momma's hand
Quick, Quick with our feet.

A pair of cleats, some parakeets,
And sparkly jewelry,
From man holes to flag poles,
Our town has much to see.

A sunny day on a Sunday,
My momma says to me,
"Stop side walking on the sidewalk.
Can't you walk normally?"

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