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Rated: E · Sample · Romance/Love · #2057835
Adult contemporary romance novel
We speak non-stop about our experiences with Los Angeles, but I never get around to telling him why I lived there for those years. Topics are kept more on the surface, but there is still so much to talk about and he is an easy companion. We’ve been sitting outside Holyrood for several minutes before Boyd finally clears his throat to entice us to notice the car has stopped. We both giggle before getting out.

As we walk up to the castle, I comment, “This place is amazing and much larger than I imagined.”

He gives me a wink and replies, “It would have to be for her majesty. What are you most looking forward to seeing here?”

“Hmm, I would imagine that would be the Mary, Queen of Scots’ Chambers." We walk through the doors. "She has always been a fascinating historical figure to me.”

“Are you a fan of history, then?” Andrew asks.

I immediately answer, “Definitely! I was actually in the history club in college if you can picture it." I notice his smile. "We would take trips to places like New Orleans and Vicksburg to soak up the various historical landmarks in those cities. Most were civil war related as you can imagine.”

I’m rewarded with a deep chuckle. “Aye, I can imagine although I would think there would be quite a bit of voodoo lore as well.”

I nod in agreement. “Oh yes, quite a bit.”

Before we mount the steep spiral staircase to the apartment, Andrew takes his cell phone out of his pocket and puts his arm around me for a selfie. “You don’t mind, do you? I’d love a cheeky photo to post to my Instagram.”

I nod in agreement and smile into the camera trying not to look too flustered. He snaps the picture and asks if I want to take one with my phone? I look at him in complete confusion, remembering the rule of the day. “Umm, maybe a little later.” I give him a weak smile, but he just shrugs as we climb the stairs.

We are able to see Mary’s beautiful outer chamber and even bedchamber. It’s completely amazing to me to imagine this is the same place where Mary’s secretary was brutally killed by her husband five hundred years before. This is definitely one of the places I wanted to go and Andrew makes for a surprisingly knowledgeable escort. We spend the next hour exploring the State Apartments before we head out to Boyd and the waiting car.
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