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Calico Kitty wants attention
The Missus and Me

Calico kitty
Orange black and white
Wants attention
All day and night

Figure eight around
the legs of the Missus
Busy getting breakfast
How about some fishes?

Pounce on the desk
Head butt the Missus
Typing on the keyboard
How about some kisses?

Missus in the bathroom
Rub up against a leg
Just want attention
Why make me beg!

Where's the Missus now?
Seems she's gone away
House is way too quiet
Kitty's got to play

Green thing in the corner?
White, red balls galore
No, she shouldn't, can't resist
Hey! What are claws for?

Tail flick, eyes dart, crouch and pounce
One limb, two limb, bough by bough
White ball, red ball, smash to the ground
Tree leans. Timber! Hiss! Me-OW!

Missus through the front door
Me? Time to clean my face
Didn't do a darn thing
Tree? Got a bit displaced
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