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Longing for a single glance of love
Never gone through such a longing, such a missing feeling, such a killing feeling. It has never been the same. You have left me speechless, as if motionless, actionless, emptiness, loneliness. Unable to see anything else just you and only you everywhere.... The day started usually unusual with a promise of being the same till the last, till the night, till the world is drunk in the dreams. Deep in the heart not but even in flies of mind, there is a sinking feeling.... as if a ship on the smooth happy tour sinks with pain panic helpless. I have lost something, something called heartbeat, something called breathe, something called smiles, something called sight, something called you.

Nothing much but just addicted to you, nothing much but just passionate for you, nothing much but just longing for you.. Sitting, thinking, imaging... in the corners ...totally numb by mind, and dumb by senses.....thinking ...just want you back.... back at the coffee, back at the rains, back at the wines, back at the candle lights. The heart Stealer, are you not craving for me? are you not addicted to me?? are you not longing for me??? Then how can you be so cruel to the one you love, so brutal to the one you live...

I dont know how would I live for another seven more days, may be I would be left with just drops, tiny drops, tiny empty drops of blood in me... heart shivering and flickering for you just for you because I am LONGING
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