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Query letter for my urban fantasy novel INSOMNIA.
When 23-year-old Cassandra Lamont starts to notice her ability to manipulate time, she assumes that the seemingly random time fluctuations are something that happen to her, not something she can control. Living paycheck to paycheck with the threat of homelessness always lurking in the background, Cassie often prioritizes survival over self-discovery, dismissing her experiences as stress-induced dreams and hallucinations. So when her abusive ex-boyfriend Mark tries to choke her in a fit of jealous rage, Cassie can only think about the fact that she doesn't want to die.

The incident prompts Cassie to unknowingly create a time loop, forcing her to relive the moments before her death over and over. No matter what she tries to change reality, Mark finds her and kills her, seemingly proving that her death is inevitable. Exhausted from reliving the trauma, Cassie rips through her own reality as an act of desperation, pushing Mark into a separate timeline. For a short time, life goes on without complication. But just as Cassie starts to believe that she can move on with her life, her reality literally starts to fall apart. Mark has gained powers of his own, and is reaching out to her from the unknown timeline he was banished to, manipulating reality to taunt Cassie into facing him once again.

Partially completed at 43,000 words, INSOMNIA is a dark urban fantasy about surviving poverty and abuse. Written by a former social worker with experience working with women, children, and families, INSOMNIA is an exploration of the realities we create in order to cope with the harsh realities of day to day survival.
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