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encouragement for those who like me may be starting something new...
Standing at the threshold of a new month that begins a journey; am I ready for this new journey? Am I ready for this challenge of writing a novel in a month, or even the first draft? This brings up questions that only time will answer. How long is the first draft? What happens if I don't finish? What if I fail? Is my space ready for me to write? Can I do this and work around the other things in my life that are going on. Doctor appointments and thanksgiving break with my family home and cooking.

Some of us are beginning something new this next month, only a day or two away. Some of us writers are beginning new and scary journey's in our lives that when we stop to think about it, there is a possibility that fear will creep in and ask questions and make us look at things from a perspective we don't want to see. What are you going do about those questions that are asked?

Personally, I am not planning on giving in to fear because then I will fail. I remind myself that Jesus Christ lives inside me and with Him on my side I have no failure inside me. There will be times that I fail, what you do after you fail is what makes or breaks you. When we fail we can either sit in our pity party and cry and feel sorry for ourselves and bring others in with us. Sometimes a pity party is what we think we need. On the other hand, if we choose to think about who Jesus made us then we don't have a reason to throw a pity party. If we have Jesus inside us then we have the power to stand up after failing, dusting ourselves off and we keep going. Reminding ourselves all along that "I am in Christ, all is well with me".
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