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by Muntoo
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These organizations that murder civilians for whatever reasons they create
Two organizations that comes to mind. They are ISIS and BOKO HARAM. Their beliefs are mass murder, and slavery.

You have willing participants who train in military arms and tactics. They are willing to die in battle either by shooting by machine guns like or AK 47 to wearing suicide bombs to driving suicide armed with bombs and machines, designed to explode on impact, killing the driver and its intending targets. They terrify their victoms killing their victoms in many ways on camera. They chop off heads to drowning them to burning them. The terriffy their military targets by using extreme force at higher speeds. The fighters want to die, go to heavan and meet 200 virgins. Their targets in the middle east are often untrained or too terrified to fight, given all the tools on the ground. The fighters are foreigners from around the world to Sunni fighters from dissafected areas whose people are often marginalized by their iwn govts. This is both in IRAQ and Syria.
The Iraqi military that the US government spent hundreds of billions arming and training, havr fallen apart. They often run away during the heat of battle. In their place, are the SHIA militias financed and armed by Iran. The shia majority military are the bulk of the Iraqi military.

The kind of help the the current US OBAMA PRESIDENCY has given, is too little if any and too late.

Since the marginalized Sunni population that is subjected both by the Shia government and Shia Militia, that are linked with the government of Iran, have 3 choices. To endure the torture, murder and mass executions of their people. To run away as refugees to to places like Europe and to to the outline states such as Lebanon and jordan. The last is to join ISIS in the battlefield.

Boko Haram is the second terrorist. This group was started in Northern Islamic Nigeria in 2002. Its founder was murdered in a police station.

Now this organization is linked up ISIS. It has killed thousands of people in Nigeria, Niger, Chad.

Assuming that these terrorist groups really believe in their views on Islam, then why kill, mass murder innocent men, women and children? Why rape and enslave women, and minorities.

In the case of Boko Haram, why put bombs on little 9 year old girls? Why have them walk into markets and blow up innocent people anyway?
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