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The latest Jane Austen News.
Jane Austen November 2015 Newsletter.
Editor: Princess Megan Rose 21 WDC

Hello Jane Austen Fans! Here it is November and time for another newsletter. I didn't dress up for Halloween but if I did, I would want to go as Jane Austen.

Almost Thanksgiving. Jane and her family didn't celebrate Thanksgiving. They lived in England. Thanksgiving is an American holiday and I hear it is celebrated in Canada as well.

What's new with Jane Austen? This is what I found out.

In the past year, Jane Austen heirlooms have been showing up. A watercolor portrait of Jane Austen was sold to a private collector for 270,000 at Sotheby's Inn in London.

Scraps of Austen's penmanship are also sought after. An autographed square dated 1811 and probably was cut from a book Jane owned, bought 40,000 at an Auction. The House Museum will display her nephew's memoirs about his aunt, with her handwriting.

Why the market value and Jane Austen fever? "Pride and Prejudice" was written over 200 years ago. Jane gave us Mr. Darcy. People looked into their cupboards looking for Jane Austen items. Wouldn't it be great to own something valuable Jane owned? I treasure my tea pot and tea cup set from Minya, that came from the Jane Austen Shop. I have a journal with books and a tea cup on the top. One of the books is "Pride and Prejudice." I have all her novels she wrote and some on my Nook.

Sadly, Jane's nieces and nephews lost track of pieces from the estate.

A book by Margaret C. Sullivan "Jane Austen, Cover To Cover: 200 Years Of Classic Covers" is scheduled to be out this month, November 2015. Some of the covers have hair dont's and misshapened bonnets. An artist uses his imagination to make the covers. You can't judge a book by it's cover.

On a sad note, a taupe brick townhouse in Winchester, where doctors tried to cure Jane's illness has changed little. A village rectory where she spent her childhood was destroyed after her death. Can you believe a 17th century stone shield from a demolished house near her birthplace sold for $2,500 in London.

In 2007, a 1780's portrait of a young girl said to be Austen sold for $400,000. The painting belonged to Jane Austen's cousin.

In 2011, the Bodleian Library paid 1.6 million for the Watson fragment manuscript at Sothebys in London.

Have you ever wondered where Georgiana had her tryst with Wikkum at? It wasn't a Pemberly. Georgiana didn't leave Pemberly. Did Jane fashion Georgiana after herself? Jane was said to have been a recluse.

Why did Emma want to marry her friends off and want to be an old spinster? You have to wonder if Jane put some of herself in her characters.

Jane was always concerned about the days of the week and the weather in her novels. Jane had wit and charm. She was a great writer and I bet she was one of the nicest people ever. I would have to have spent a day with her.,

I hope you have enjoyed this newsletter. I am always on the look out for Jane Austen news. If you have any to share, send me an e-mail. Have a Happy Thanksgiving. I will be thinking of a Christmas Newsletter for December.

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