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A letter from Santa, intended for Parallel Universes contest - 42 Lines
Dear parents and kids from all over the Earth,
The time is upon us to think on the birth

Of our Lord, Jesus Christ -- the promise he brings
Of his Kingdom in Heaven -- un-earthly things.

I want to remind you, in case you forgot,
Of what Christmas is and of what it is not.

I keep a long list of who's naughty and nice,
Of who observed virtue, of who observed vice.

And I must admit, that I've seen better times,
Though humans have always had plenty of crimes.

The mindset of people, these days, seems perverse.
Though killing is down, the black-hearted seem worse.

And so I will give you twelve rules to observe
One for each day of Christmas, please do not swerve.

Rule one is to focus on giving away.
To give, not to get, is what brightens your day.

Rule two is remember to ask and to hear.
"What do you want for Christmas?" I ask each year.

Rule three is to take a delight in the joy,
In faces of children, each girl and each boy.

Rule four is that comfort does not make you good.
Work hard, so the'll say that you did all you could.

Rule five is that people will have different views.
Be kind, though their wishes are not what you'd choose.

Rule six is is be loving to those near and far.
We're each other's neighbors, whoever we are.

Rule seven is don't be afraid for yourselves,
Get busy and serve; I learned this from my elves.

Rule eight is be fair in transactions and deals,
We've all felt injustice; we know how it feels.

Rule nine is be candid and honest in speech --
With yourself, and with others, it's within reach.

Rule ten is encourage and give lots of praise.
The goodwill you give, you will get all your days.

Eleven: Example -- be one everywhere.
What you do will be seen -- and followed; take care.

Rule twelve is to act as if Christmas is here,
Not just in December, but each day, all year.

Be mindful that goodness begins in your hearts,
If naughty or nice, that's the place where it starts.

And mind that I care, and I have you in sight.
Merry Christmas to all. Be good. And goodnight.

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