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Rated: E · Fiction · Romance/Love · #2068648
Prologue to Jaiden and Jasper's story. They think Mama is dead.
She screamed in agony and sheer terror. She didn’t know why he was beating her, just that he wouldn’t stop.
“Please stop.” She whimpered from between cracked lips and broken teeth. Her face was on fire and she could feel the swelling. Her insides were in fire. “Enough.”
“Enough? I told you if you ever left I would find you and kill you. You made me do this! This is your fault!” She heard the slur behind the word and knew he had been drinking. Probably all day.
Jenna Hawke honestly feared for her life and that of the unborn life growing inside her. She could barely stand up. How long had he been hitting her? Yelling obscenities and threats at her? 5 minutes? 10? It felt like a lifetime.
She saw her sister-in-law in a new light. Maybe all those times she claimed to have fallen weren’t really accidents. Maybe when she took to her bed, days at a time, refusing company, she was simply beaten to bad to cover up. Maybe Jack Cullen was the worst person she knew and not the best like she thought.
“Jack,” she begged “it’s Jenna, stop.”
“I told you, no cheatin’. If I found out about it fer sure you been steppin’ out on me, I’ll kill you, bitch.”
“Jack,” she managed to get her voice above a whisper, “it’s Jenna”
“You’re in love with Jenna?”Shock and disbelief filled his voice. His misunderstanding was going to be her undoing. “You tramp! My own sister?!” Her shook her, the thought enraged him so much. He raised his fist and struck her on the side of the head again and again.
Jenna’s last conscience though was ‘Lord, protect my babies’
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