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An accidental body swap makes Brandon's summer job a lot more interesting.
Brandon was already sick of his summer job at the country club. He had figured he’d get the lifeguard job,he was in great shape and had first aid training, but instead he was stuck doing scut work for crap money. After just a week he already can’t wait for the summer to end. The only reason he had even taken the job was because he had hopped that he would be able to hang out with hot girls. All the hotties at his school spent most of their days gossiping about all the fun at the club but his manager seems to be going out of her way to keep him busy when they are around.

For example this morning his assigned task is to sweep the seating area around the pool. In a few hours he knows the pool will be the place to be packed with the prettiest girls in the tightest costumes but by then he will have moved on to the next job. For now it is just him and the piles of discarded paper cups. He sighs and starts sweeping when something catches his eye. A human shape floating in the pool, no not a shape a body, a woman’s body. Without a moment’s hesitation he jumps into the pool and drags her onto the side of the pool. He rolls her over and recognises Mrs Barnes. She is one of the regulars and he has often thought that she is pretty good looking for an older woman, a real milf. None of that even crosses his mind as he feels for a pulse. Nothing. He checks her breathing, nothing. Trying not to panic he thinks back to his first aid training and beings chest compressions.











He counts off before pausing and check her pulse. Still nothing. Again he repeats the count. Again he gets the same result. His mind races as seconds stretch into minutes and no one answers his calls for help. Something tickles at his memory and he remembers his instructor showing him how to breath for the victim. He tilts her head back pinched her nose and seals his lips over hers and blows. And blows. And blows…

He can’t stop! He feels like the air, the very life is being sucked out of him. His head spins and he feels like he is falling then everything goes black.

When he comes back to his senses he is lying on his back feeling very strange. He feels a heavy weight pressing against his chest. Instinctively he sits up trying to free himself but instead of falling away the weight only shifts pulling him forward. He looks down and barely manages to keep from screaming as he sees a pair of large breasts attached to his chest.

“Tits!” he gasps in a husky voice “I have tits! What the fuck is happening to me?”

He holds up his hands looking at his slim fingers and long nails he feels the smooth skin of his now hairless legs and feels long blonde hair tickling his shoulders.

“Oh thank goodness you’re alright.” He hears a very familiar voice speaking “I was so worried I thought for a moment there you weren’t going to make it.”

He looks up and sees himself! He blinks and fights of a wave of disorientation as his own body walks towards him and helps him to his feet.

“But, but, you’re me” he stammers looking up at his own face “I mean that’s my body, I mean…. what the hell is going on!?”

He hates how high and shrill his voice sounds, the hysterical edge to it that reminds him how close to losing it he is.

“Hey, hey. Look at me.” the stranger with his face says trying to sound reassuring “I know that this is a lot to take in but you need to stay calm.”

“Calm? Calm!” Brandon squeaks “I just woke up with these… these things on my chest. Calm is not on my agenda right now.”

“I know, I’m sorry.” Brandon’s body says “You saved my life and this seems like a shitty way to repay you but please just let me explain”

“Okay, fine, it’s not like I have much choice is it” Brandon grumbles

“Good, better” the other him takes a deep breath and explains “okay in case you haven’t figured it out yet I’m Helen, Mrs Barnes, I’m in your body and you are in mine.”

Brandon opens his mouth to start asking questions but she anticipates him.

“How? Magic. I know I know ‘there’s no such thing as magic’ well that’s the big lead here kid, magic is real and I know a fair amount. I’m what you would call a witch.”

Brandon gapes in disbelief but looking across at his own open handsome face it seems like as reasonable an explanation as any. He just nods as Helen continues.

“As for why? It was just an accident, a million to one fluke, I slipped and hit my head getting into the pool and for some reason the protective charm I wear didn’t kick in until you tried to resuscitate me and…. Well you can see how that worked out.”

“So this is your fault?” Brandon asks struggling to wrap his head around the idea “You did some kind of spell and stole my body?”

“Goodness no, nothing like that!” Helen says sounding more than a little offended “Sole transference is extremely complex magic. Even if I could manage such a power working I would never do anything so… so evil. Believe me all this is as strange for me as it is for you.”

“So just switch us back already, I don’t feel like explaining why I have a pussy to my friends.”

“Well that’s the thing I’m not exactly sure how to switch us back.” she admits “what happened shouldn’t really be possible. I’m going to have to talk to some more experienced practitioners I know and try and figure out what went wrong before I can fix things.”

“What!?” Brandon practically shrieks “What the hell am I supposed to do while you go back to Hogwarts to take body switching 101?”

“You are going to have to stay here and pretend to be me while I’m away.” she tells him “it’s very important that no one knows who you really are, not even our families. We will both be in pretty hot water if anyone finds out I used magic on someone uninitiated, even accidentally.”

“No way!” Brandon objects “It’s bad enough I have to look like you, there is no way I could act like you convincingly.”

“I can help with that,” she explains “I have a charm that will allow you to access some of my memory, enough to let you get by while I’m away. It’ll only be for a week… or two… less than a month I’m certain.”

Helen isn't exactly filling him with confidence but what choice does he have? He can’t exactly go around telling people he is really a teenage boy, they’d lock him up! Finally he gives a reluctant nod of agreement and and Helen hurries off in his body to make the arrangements. Brandon is left sitting by the pool taking stock, his head and ribs hurt and the weight of his breasts are a constant distraction but not an unpleasant one. The sun warms his soft skin and he thinks about the challenge that lays ahead of him, can he really live as Helen and fool her family even for just a week? What will be like to live as a woman, even for just a week? How will feel dress and act like her and have the world treat him like her? He feels his new pussy tingle as he thinks about it, he touches it carefully through the thin fabric of the costume and smiles.

One thing’s for sure the summer just got a lot more interesting.
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