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This year's Christmas newsletter.
Editor: Princess Megan Rose 21 WDC
Assistant Editor: Angel

Megan in sleigh Sig with reindeer.

Merry Christmas! I love the house image. This is a neat Christmas scene. Angel and I have been writing a newsletter every Christmas since 2003. We have written other newsletters but now we just do holidays. We have written about the first Christmas, Christmas cards, ornaments, Christmases around the world and every topic to do with Christmas. What to write this year? Christmas. We are going to cover different aspects about Christmas.

Last year, we did a Victorian Christmas newsletter. It would have been neat to go Christmas caroling and wear the clothes they wore back then and they didn't have the advantages we do in our time but I wouldn't mind being there for one Victorian Christmas.

What do you need to make a perfect Christmas? Family, friends, love, decorations, pets, joy and the love for Jesus and God. Jesus is the reason for the season. A turkey dinner or a ham dinner with all the trimmings, decorated sugar cookies, gingerbread men, home made fudge, egg nog and Christmas cakes and for some pumpkin pie.

Snow. Snow at Christmas is a must. I can't imagine living in Hawaii or somewhere there isn't cold or snow for Christmas. The Norman Rockwell and Currier and Ives Christmas. This is the kind of Christmas Angel and I like. A snow scene with a snowman, sleigh, horses and decorations. Maybe an inflated Santa in the yard, a mannequin Santa waving, Santa and reindeer scene, Nativity scene. It is so heart touching to see Mary, Joseph, baby Jesus, wise men, sheep, oxen and a drummer boy. Elves loading a sleigh, animated skaters dancing on ice. I have seen displays like this and I love it. The Christmas Tree Light Fights? I love that show. This year, a house looked liked a castle with Christmas decorations. One year, the display centered around Mickey Mouse and Christmas. This was so cute. Christmas displays get me in the mood. Angel agrees.

Christmas trees. I decorate my tree with purple ornaments, some Victorian, Disney Princesses, Barbie, wolves, polar bears, teddy bears and a variety. I don't wrap a lot of gifts. I love using gift bags.

Santa and the North Pole. What if he was real and we could go there. There would be snow. It would be a marshmallow world and a winter wonderland. There would probably be decorated Christmas trees all over. The trees are all beautifully lit. We could see Santa's castle, the elves probably have cute little hobbit houses. Mrs. Claus is baking Christmas cookies. The elves are making toys. It is cold and snowy here. Friendly polar bears greet you. We can go out to reindeer barn and meet Rudolph and all the reindeer and maybe there are so baby reindeer. Angel and I pet the baby reindeer, their mothers and of course, Santa's reindeer who pull the sleigh. Maybe there is a candy shop made out of candy canes and inside, wall to wall candy. Chocolate. You would have to get me out of there. The Toy Shop. Oh my! Look at all the dolls and teddy bears! A weakness of mine. Star wars. The world is going star wars crazy. As we go behind the reindeer barn, the sleigh! This brings all the presents. We get to meet Santa. Give him a big hug. He is so happy to see anyone. He hands us a coke and penguins come to greet us. Let's give them hugs. We get to see the talking snow man. Life would be so perfect and peaceful here. Christmas music would be playing. Angel and I would never want to leave.

The First Christmas. Wouldn't it have been nice to follow the star and see baby Jesus? Have you ever thought how neat it would have been to follow the star and get to meet him? Someday, we will.

I love Christmas. Angel does, too. Don't you think they rush the season? Halloween is barely over and out come the Christmas decorations. Stores advertise Christmas bargains and it is like, can we at least have Thanksgiving? Black Friday is Christmas shopping day. Christmas is definitely the biggest holiday we have. It does seem like we have to make plans in advance for this holiday. Maybe this is why Christmas decorations come out so early and stores have big sales.

Christmas. Angel and I hope you have enjoyed this newsletter and will relax, drink hot chocolate, write out Christmas cards and get your shopping done. Peace and love to all of you. Merry Christmas!

Megan on Christmas train Sig by best friend Angel.
Megan and Santa Sig by best friend Angel.

All sigs done by Angel! Angel
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