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Four young scientists graduate university and build a lab for building inventions.
At a Manchester Science laboratory, four young intelligent minds had been working out endless numeric calculations. This was for their first Project, called; Nexus. The friends hoped it would help make the environment a cleaner and safer place to live and work.
Mike Gust, Abby Britton, Ben Hawthorne and Maud Smith were all recent graduates, in quantum physics. Once they had graduated and gained their diploma, the young men and women had decided to combine their powerful gifted brains. They wanted to create inventions to help our beautiful planet Earth and the human race, but had no intentions of playing God.
The first big idea that the English twenty year old’s contemplated over was; teleportation. The team had realised that people move around their environment, more than anything else and burn lots of fossil fuels, which damages the Earth and causes climate change.
The young scientists theorised for weeks on how to build such a radical device. They would transport people through a machine and beam them to another town or city, on the Earth in seconds.
Two months after graduating they went to the bank and sat with the manager and discussed their project and Mike said,
‘Hello my name is Mike and these are my science friends; Ben, Abby and Maud. We have just gained our diplomas in quantum physics and would like to each take out a loan. We would like to buy a building and turn it into a science lab and buy equipment to conduct experiments and build futuristic devices. We are confident that our first invention will transform society, so we’ll be in a financial position to reimburse you quickly. I hope you can see the possibilities we aim to achieve and grant us the capital. Thank you for your time and listening to us today.’
Mrs. Rachael Evans felt sick by these young smart physicists and their scientific venture. The 45 year old Dutch woman loathed technology and was part of a secret organization to destroy computers, phones, TV's, everything that turned humans into zombies. The manager refused their loan and then told the young society destroyers, openly what she thought of them. The single mum of one five year old girl expressed to them, why she wanted no part of their evil schemes. She then ushered them out like cattle and banned them from the bank forever.
The men and women from Manchester were all astonished by Mrs Evens attitude and beliefs. They were at the conclusion that the entire world had embraced all technology, as it seems to make life easier and more exciting. The team would not let this rejection beat them and would try other banks in the city. They were so sure that someone would see the potential in them and offer the cash. Well as they left one building and walked down three streets to the next, in less than five minutes they’d get the result they desired.
They spoke to another manager and boom; the 35 year old New Yorker loved their ideas and granted them the capital, this man even asked,
‘Is the figure you’re asking to borrow enough to cover all your overheads and get your prototype constructed? Your credentials are sound and I would happily lend you some more, if you think you need it and can pay it back okay. I wish you good luck and may all your creations flourish.’
Mike, Abby, Ben and Maud said that the amount was sufficient and thanked the kind and friendly man. Dominic Philips explained to them,
‘It will take half an hour to go through all the paper work and once that had been finalised, the loan would be processed and a joint account would be opened. This was so all the members of project Nexus can access the money easily.’
They left the Morgan and Eagle building society and celebrated out loud amongst themselves, they were very happy and excited. The team wanted to start building the teleport device right then, but the youngsters had no facilities or equipment yet. Maud’s dad was a constructional engineer and had been searching for the ideal building. He and his team could transform it into a sizable laboratory at a swiftly rate. It took them a week to find; Karl Smith discovered the great place in Leigh; 6 miles from the city. Another three weeks later his independent building firm had developed an ultramodern spacious workplace.
The young Dr’s were thrilled and got to work buying all the equipment they would need to bring their mindboggling creations alive. Abby hired an articulated lorry and drove it and the rest of the team 15 miles from her parent’s home to their new grand contraption workstation. Maud parked the lorry as near to the building as she could, and the whole team got stuck in and unloaded all the apparatus. Once they had finished, they marvelled in their new spacious laboratory. Now the hard work would really begin and these fresh geniuses had to manipulate their understandings, and bring forth their magnificent creations upon the world.
Mike and Abby assembled the necessary equipment to make the teleport operate correctly, while Maud and Ben relented over all the variables. They believed that twelve highly powered computers could give them the ability to manipulate the quantum partials in human DNA and transform our bodies into digital form. Once our cellular level has entered the internet, a laser beam could jump them to any point on the earth that’s required. Ben had been mulling over a growing concern and explained to his business partners,
‘People inside the internet could become lost so we need a way of keeping track of everyone and build an online system of where men, women and children can be monitored inside the computer, before they are teleported to their desired location.’
Abby and the others appreciated the growing concerns that Ben feared, for this could be a potential hazard. So the boffins assembled an implant a microchipthat would be inserted into the brain. This would help monitor where the person was in the digital world and who they were by their unique DNA strand. This chip would help give the coordinates for the lazar and send the people to the right location.
The concept had been jumbling around in the graduate’s frontal lobes for months and today this ground breaking technology would be activated. Maud; the short red haired, happy and friendly woman cleared her throat and spoke,
“My great friends, we stand on the verge of breaking the impossible and I thank you dearly for your help. I really hope this works and it will help make the world a cleaner and safer place. God be with us”
The instant they had toasted to themselves, the scientists began to carry out their first controlled experiment. They concluded that Maud and Ben would control the computers and Abby and Mike would take the big leap of faith and become the first in the world to teleport.
The team had already undergone surgery for the microchip tracker and the equipment had been checked and quadruple verified time and again. Now was the moment that these incredible individuals had worked so very hard for. Mike and Abby were wired with diodes to their temples and then Ben turned their computers on and continued monitoring the delicate equipment. Maud opened the software for digital transfer and pressed the relevant button to trigger the process.
Within minutes the immense power of all twelve computers kicked in and bam; Abby and Mike’s bodies had been turned into millions of tiny quantum particles, and were now beamed inside the internet. The experiment was looking great so far, but the team in the real world had to send their friends to the chosen location and download them out of the digital world.
It seemed to happen so fast for the brave pare, one moment they were stood in their lab and next an eerie sensation took over their bodies and sent them through the phone line into the internet super highway. The team had chosen to be transported in front of the London eye, as the first location. The laser however had teleported them far beyond their comprehension’s.
The two scientists emitted out from the digital world and into normal reality at an astonishing velocity. Their quantum partials repositioned themselves and now Mike and Abby found themselves whole again. Except instead of standing in the British Capital looking up at the Millennium wheel, the remarkable inventors were stood upon the surface of the moon.
As they tried to grasp their situation and work out how they’d beamed at such a colossal distance, their lungs began to shrink and close, which left them with scarcely enough air to breath. The couple took in a deep inhalation and sat on the Luna surface, they began to work out a plan to return to their lab on Earth.
Mike analysed on how he could connect with his friends back in Manchester, while Abby tried hard to search for anything that could help in giving them more air to survive and overcome this severe environment. While the teleporters attempted to put their strategies into to affect, a bizarre orange glow radiated out of a creator and an unidentified flying saucer materialized from the large whole. The machine flew towards them and landed a few meters away from the scientists. Three small red creatures appeared out of the craft and slowly walked towards them.
Abby and Mike were dumbfounded by this course of events and still sat on the moon silent and motionless. Before the two decided to take any kind of action the beings from another world were upon them and were either geared up to attack or talk. These aliens stood in the white dust towering over the man and woman from Earth and suddenly one of them began to speak,
‘Greetings and salutations we are the Zadra people of the world called; Qazb. It is only a light year from your planet and we have been hiding on your moon for decades awaiting super intelligent humans who can assist in formulating a device to manipulate a planets environment and make it inhospitable. Our world has been in decline for decades and our chief scientist’s has been conducting solution after solution, with no effect. Even though our species are technically way more advanced in technology than you humans, we have seen the incredible accomplishments your race has accomplished in just a short time. Quickly please enter our vessel before you run out of air and then we can discuss our situation in greater detail. Do not be afraid for me certainly mean you no harm.’
Mike was reluctant to climb aboard these creatures flying machine and be absconded to God knows where and experimented on for months. It was Abby, who could see her friend’s reluctance and whispered in her friend’s ear,
‘Hay Mike I can understand your reservations to a life form we have no knowledge on and can barely trust, but I just feel we need to take a leap of faith and except what the Zadra are saying and jump in their spaceship and listen to their ideas.’
Mike took in the last bit of air into his lungs and smiled at his long established great friend and smiled. He then said to her,
‘Well Abby you sure have a way with words my lovely friend, yeah why not let’s do it, this could be the greatest moment in human history and I am getting lost in the epic moment.’
A large round hatch on top of the space vehicle open up and the alien’s led their guest inside. The Zadra and Humans talked for hours over the problems these friendly people had suffered on their planet for years and what technological breakthroughs they had reached.
Abby and Mike agreed to help their new cousins from the stars once they’d returned them to their home and friends. After the successful teleporter creators had briefed Ben and Maud where there incredible machine had beamed them to and their intergalactic encounter with the Zadra; the pair introduced the aliens to their best friends. With the help of the people from Qazb and the talents of the greatest scientist’s in history embarked upon a new project, a device to manipulate a plant and terraform its environment was constructed in a matter of eight months. Ben, Mike, Abby and Maud agreed to lend their teleporting machine, so the entire Zadra people could leave their planet quicker than their space ship that would of taken decades.
When the world eventually got to use the teleportation machine and learned humanity has never been on their on their own in the gigantic cosmos, the incredible inventors became an overnight sensation and famous around the world within days.
They paid the money back to Dominic Philips after making the teleporter for all mankind and now the geniuses are contemplating their next project.

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