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The moments before making space history.
The control room of the Kennedy Space Center had never been so still, so quiet. The only sound was Elon’s breath – harbored, strained, rapid. Was he out of his mind to have even thought about private rocket travel? This was more than an audacious project for a wealthy man. It was his redemption. It was time to abandon that childhood defined by space. The toy rocket substitutes for friends, no longer provided comfort when loneliness set in. The stars once offering hope seemed nearer and needy. The dark sky created a new frontier for a boy with little joy but now had to be experienced.

He was not that awkward kid obsessed with the great beyond. He had made his mark and this test would finally prove his worth, his value and his place in this world. The first phase would take away the memories of missed parties and exclusions, dropping each heartache in the sky like satellites. The return landing would be confirmation and validation. No longer would he long for companionship in the clouds. He would now be the man everyone wanted on their team.

The wait was coming to an end. Zero regrets was his mantra. Zero regrets he told himself hourly. Now was the defining moment. Either back to the drawing board, back to being that lonely space obsessed adolescent or forward, forward to making history. A deep inhale, a quiet prayer and finally… SUCCESS.

Goodnight young Elon. Good morning Mars.
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