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by Sandra
Rated: E · Novel · Sci-fi · #2070055
Triston remembers his mothers death and finds his brother.
Triston walked to the spot where the boy was at, he was thinking on hnow he was gonna get out of there.
Triston looked at the cybertron and saw alot of buttons, so he pressed one randomly and a holographic map appeared.
As Triston saw the map he saw a bunch of small red dots on it, so he put his finger one and his surroundings changed.
Triston found himself on a balcony that was apart of a building,
he was facing the building until he turned around then he saw a lot of flying vehicles., and started feeling a bit shock as he looked down and saw that he was up really high.
A flying car parked beside the building and the door opened upward,
the boy glanced up at Triston for a moment "oh hey kid what are you doing at my school" the boy said as he got out of the car and onto the school balcony - like stoop.
Triston looked at the boy "school?" he said as he turned around facing the building and began to see kids like himself going inside the building, also he saw some kids riding hover bikes and motorbikes and hoverboards,
Triston never been so amazed of a shool and the boy looked at him with gaze as he smiles "i know, cool right?" he started to speak, "follow me i want to show you something" the boy said as he pushed on his cybertron once more and get teleported.
Something popped up on Triston's Cybertrpn it was a message from the boy saying "hey click this dot to follow me" and there was a button below it, so Triston pressed the button and he appeared in a cave looking place, the cave had pictures and other things.
The boy walked by a strange picture of a woman, the woman looked familliar to Triston as he put his hand on it the boy looked at triston and got a bit stressedly angry, suddenly the boy touched the picture too and both triston and the boy looked at each other as a vision started apon them.
The vison began~
it was a dark night serena and her two boys where in there rooms til suddenly a earthquake and explosion took hold, Triston was scared so was his brother, "Mommy!!" Triston screamed so did his brother.
Serena ran to Triston's room and hugged him aswell as picking him up, she then ran to the other sons room carrying Trston and picked him up to.
and Triston and his brother opened their eyes facing each other. thats the day Triston first saw his brother and so wa it for the other boy.
Serena was stressed and upset as tears ran down her cheeks as she ran out of the house holding both kids, as she made it far from the house she tripped and fell to her knees crying Tristona and his brother hugged serena trying to comfort her. A man cam from the other direction, he was injured as he saw the fire from the explosion he got worried and ran torge the house worried "Serena, Triston!" he begin to speak the name of his second son "Kristan!" he continued as tears fell from his cheeks as his injured leg gave out right in front of serena and the kids.
Triston looked at him and ran to him "daddy!" he said as he hugged him over his fathers body, his father turns over on his back and Triston is hugging him still, "Triston.. don't worry about me. go tend to your mother. ill be fine" Triston's father said as he layed on the ground with tears coming from his eyes as he gazed at serena 'it was my fault if we didn't have that fight then... ' he thought to himself as tears flooded his face more.
Triston went by his mother she was weak and still crying as she looked at Triston and Kristan, "Triston.. Kristan you guys are my life. when i first saw you both i was happy, i knew this day would come at some point." she begin to speak. "here take this triston" she continued giving triston a amulet.
she looked at triston and kristan "people have been trying to steal that amulet for years, so try to guard it." she paused "that amulet will lead you int he future" she said as she ebgan to glow blue as her spirit leaves her body. she smiles at the kids before leaving to the heaven realms "remember" she said as she did.
Triston and Kristan both awaken from the vision in tears, "mom..." Triston said quietly as he opened his eyes, "woah wait so your kristan,.. my brother?" Triston said a bit surprised and Kristan nodded.".
They hugged knowing they were together again.

To be continued :)
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