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by Justin
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Something that doesn't last...
First love

Feeling that he got the best of me, days past but I still think of you. Leaving me heartbroken with no good reason. I Tried my best to give you my all, I thought we were happy but I guess not. Trying to move on but with time you slowly fade away. Maybe one day I won't even remember your name & because of you I can never be vulnerable again. Now covering my heart from all guys because you never know who's going to destroy you and leave you so blue that you can't even function. Comparing every relationship to that one because that was when I've felt the most alive. Thinking that "Hey he might be the one." but in reality he's just wants one thing that all guys want that desperate need of sexual activity.Thinking that he doesn't want sex right away, that it's something special and he will wait. But, in reality, it's the only thing he wants; he's not that different from all the others. It's been a year now and I'm not going to lie he pops in my head sometimes but to be honest why should I even care now like he hurt me like no other. I gave him the most special thing I can give anyone my heart and he ripped it up to a million pieces. People say the best thing to do is to hate the person that caused you so much pain but I can't because with him I was so pure and it felt so real that I can't hate him. Maybe with time I'll forget him or maybe he'll always be apart of me.

~Justin Garcia~
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