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The Last alliance extraction team prepares to capture and relocate the last of the Sha-Nex
Harok Dax sat at the shuttles helm. “We’re getting close.” He told the other three members of his crew. The tension in the shuttle was palpable, bodies twisted in seats as muscles tightened with expectation. The whole crew were thinking the same thing. Harok smiled to himself after reading them all. `Good,’ he thought. `Just how I need them, Wound tight and fully alert.’

The last one, this was the last of the prisoners. Once they had this one on board the extractions would be complete. Then they could begin the final re-location, after which they would be home-bound, at last.

The war had been over for hundreds of thousands of years but still they lived with its legacy. They were the jailers. The victors of the great war, a savage war, a war that had spanned most of the known realms and nearly every planet that had dwelt within them. But it had been here, in this realm, in this universe, in the very star system which they now found themselves that the war had come to an end. It was here that the Outworld and Corefield alliance had brought an ancient and terrible power to its knees.

It had been here that they had destroyed the physical shells of the last of the Sha-Nex and imprisoned their essence on a violent volcanic young planet. It was a punishment without rival. To be cast down into a broiling sea of molten Earth and fire, with no physical form. The Sha-Nex were torn and tossed in the planets heaving seas of flame. Imprisoned.Forever. But something had happened. The watchers post on a giant ringed planet three bodies out from the prison planet noticed changes in the prisons temperature and geology, the surface of the planet was beginning to stabilise as it cooled, Land masses were beginning to form.

Although the Nex were greatly weakened by their sundering and imprisonment, there were members of the council of light who still saw them as a great threat. The decision was made to leave the Sha-Nex on the young planet rather than risk their escape during extraction. Millennia down the line the planet developed life forms, low level non intelligent, but life none the less. Some argued that this occurrence was not without the assistance of the cunning Nex, claiming that they were trying to use the evolutionary long game to escape their prison.

The Sha-Nex were one of the oldest most ferocious and intelligent races in all the realms, as an elder race of the Darkling they were known and feared in their many guises throughout all creation. Again the decision was made to leave them be. Life on the young planet flourished and many strange wondrous beasts emerged from evolutions pool. It became clear over time that the Nex had indeed played a role in, at least steering some of the life forms of this new world.

Vicious flesh eating beasts began to appear among the planets reptilian inhabitants showing unusually savage behaviour. They were marked by the Nex. After long years of debate it was agreed that the planet be cleansed and the ability’s of the Sha-Nex be reduced once again. The young planet was targeted and cleansed; a huge asteroid from the systems outer rim was aligned and projected into the young planet, destroying 98 percent of all life forms which dwelt upon it. Harok had never agreed with the decision. He knew that life would slowly creep back across the planet, with or without the help of the Sha-Nex. Life was like that. And how right he was.

Here they were, the last extraction squad hunting the last Nex on a planet that had by now formed primitive humanoid life. And although it was almost certain that the Nex had played a part in their coming into being, the council felt that as they were a species with such potential and that the Nex’s level of influence over them was at the moment negligible, the Council had decided that finally they would re-locate the Sha-Nex and leave the planet to be.

The Council understood that to use the planet beyond its means, to continually set back its natural evolutionary process was a crime against creation and the Source itself. Harok agreed. It was time they were not here.

Bringing the shuttle out of a steep dive Harok ordered the other crew members into action. “Illramen, search for primitive awareness. I want to know where these people are on the scale.” Illramen nodded silently
“Dowaib, you’re my back up. I don’t want this essence giving us any surprises. Stay alert, but in the background till I call you. Understand?” Dowaib's voice was old and slow.
“Yes. I understand.” Harok smiled at his old comrade.
“One last time my friend.” He beamed.
Dowaib let slip a smirk and then set about gathering his senses for what was to come. Illramen was sat back, his eyes lightly shut.
“Nothing so far,” He reported clinically. “These people are still fast asleep beyond waking consciousness.” Harok nodded.
“Keep listening, like I said, no surprises eh?” Illramen nodded curtly without opening his eyes.
“Darin?” Harok called out. A female voice answered like velvet from the back of the shuttle.
“Yes Dax.” She purred.
Darin was the only one he let call him that. Even Dowaib who had initiated him never got away with it. They were bound by universal lore, Darin and Harok. She could call him what she wanted.
“Take the helm lady, you’re taking us in.” He told her.
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