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I vow to forever give you my love.
I vow to give you all my love,
The kind that comes from God above,
Whole,  unconditional, and good.
I swear to you from humbled heart,
From where all promises must start,
To please you as a lover should.

The years ahead may steal my sight,
And I may stumble in the night,
With your affection, nothing's lost,
I would rather give my eyes,
Than see God's bluest summer skies,
If living without your love's the cost.

It's only you that I desire,
When I seek the heat of fire,
Combustion not born by matches.
Dancing flames in a whipping wind,
The kind only romance would send,
Your sparks my tinder box catches.

Your symphony plays every tune,
Your smiling face shines like the moon,
Together forever 'til death.
If broken wings should cause your fall,
I promise to give you my all,
Including my soul's final breath.

For your company, I most care,
Life's experiences to share,
When tears of joy or woe we cry.
To you, I'll sing every song,
I'll explore your grace all night long,
Take my light into your mind's eye.

I owe you my apology,
If misguided verbology,
Wilts your heart like a lost flower.
I hope you hear this prayer I pray,
Accept these solemn words I say,
Send me your love's sacred power.

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