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Rated: E · Short Story · Romance/Love · #2073575
A little catgirl gets a new game, but she gains more than just points while playing.
"Where are we going, Kim?" Nozomi asked.

"You'll soon see," Kimberly answered.

Kimberly  , a thin, magenta-haired girl in a green blouse, is leading a blindfolded Nozomi  , a chubby, brown-haired 7-year-old neko girl wearing a pink tank top and gray sweatpants, into an expansively large yet mostly empty white room. Both Kimberly and Nozomi loved to gain weight and grow to large proportions, but Kimberly also preferred to make others expand, which is why she is preparing a surprise for Nozomi. After a while, Kimberly and Nozomi finally made it to the point of interest.

"Okay, Nozomi. You can now take off your blindfolds." Kimberly said.

Nozomi then took off her blindfolds, revealing her seemingly closed eyes. Even though it appears that Nozomi had her eyes shut, she could see what Kimberly prepared for her. In front of Nozomi was a pink beanbag chair, a mini refrigerator, and a large widescreen television with what appears to be a game console and a wireless controller.

"Oh, it is a big TV," Nozomi said bluntly.

"Actually the big surprise is what's under the TV," Kimberly stated.

"Hey! It's a video game console!" Nozomi exclaimed.

"I know how much you love video games, especially Mario games, so I made you a game console and a video game by myself," Kimberly explained.

"Thanks, Kim!" Nozomi said, "You're the best!"

"You're welcome," Kim said, "The game is already in the console. Now let's get things started."

Nozomi then grabbed the controller and sat down on the beanbag chair while Kimberly turned on the television and the game console. As the game began to load, Kimberly went to the mini-fridge to get two cans of cola and gave one to Nozomi, who proceeded to gulp it all down. The game finally booted up to the title screen. Nozomi noticed something peculiar about said title screen. Apparently, the game's title was "Fatty Nozomi World" and the main character's sprites appear to resemble Nozomi's chubby self.

"Hey! That's me in the game!" Nozomi shouted.

"Of course," Kim explained, "I made a game where you are the hero. I forgot to mention that the game looks and plays a lot like the Mario games you play, so you won't have any difficulty playing it. In fact, the story is that you have to save a princess from some evil dragon."

"Okay, then." Nozomi said. "This will be easy!"

Nozomi then started the game and went to the first level in the first world. She tested out the controls to see if it truly plays like Mario. She found the run and jump buttons, and she noticed that the momentum in the movement emulates a Mario game. As Nozomi went throught the first level, her game avatar jumped on chestnut enemies, kicked beetle shells, bashed blocks above her, collecting coins, grew a block taller (and chubbier) when picking up a moving piece of cake, and gained the ability to throw fireballs from picking up a cinnamon bun. However, Nozomi didn't notice that as she played the game, her own belly grew larger and more apparent out of her shirt. Kim, the designer of the game Nozomi's playing, knew that this would happen and smiled to herself.

It's working! Kim thought to herself, The game I made is making Nozomi gain weight! For every 500 points Nozomi earns, she gains a pound. Sure, that doesn't seem very impressive on it's own, but by the end of the game, Nozomi will become a colossal pile of blubber!

When Nozomi finished the first level, Nozomi's belly was noticeably bigger, but Nozomi didn't notice. Nozomi then started the second level of the first world, which happens to lead to the underground. Kim knew that in the second level, Nozomi will earn more points than that in the first level, and every level after that will be more point-heavy. As Nozomi played through the second level, her belly grew slowly, and her body slowly sank into the beanbag chair. By the time Nozomi finished the second level, she looked down and noticed that her belly was larger than usual.

"Huh," Nozomi said, "Hey, Kim. Did you gave me the fattening cola again?"

"I don't think so. I'm not gaining pounds like you," Kim said as she drank from her own cola can.

"Kinda strange but oh well," Nozomi said as she went to the third level.

Nozomi cleared through the third level, gaining more points and pounds than in the second level. Nozomi finally went to the castle level of the first world. Despite the lava and the rotating spike bars, Nozomi managed to go through the level unharmed. She even jumped on a couple of enemies and collected a bunch of coins along the way. Nozomi then managed to face the dragon boss at the end of the level. Even though Nozomi could run and jump over the boss to beat him, she took the more conservative route and shot fireballs at the boss. Eventually, the dragon was defeated. It turned into a chestnut enemy and jumped into the lava. Nozomi completed the level and received a message from a cupcake person that said that the princess is indeed in another castle. Nozomi also got a lot of points as she went through the level, causing her belly to grow so big it touched the floor. Her butt and boobs grew bigger as well, making her shirt and sweatpants feel tighter even though they were really elastic. Her larger weight also made the beanbag unable to to support her easily, and her bottom touched the floor while on the beanbag. Nozomi finally noticed her weight gain, and looked down to see her belly and bust much larger than usual.

"Okay, I'm sure I didn't eat anything, and I'm growing bigger than before!" Nozomi shouted.

"Look's like you're closer to finding the game's gimmick," Kimberly said.

Nozomi's gears in her head started turning as she put two and two together.

"Kim, are you saying that the game makes me grow fatter as I play it?" Nozomi questioned.

"Of course!" Kim said, "That's the big surprise! You grow fatter every time you earn points in the game. Do you like it?"

"That's awesome!" Nozomi exclaimed, "This has to be the best game ever!"

"It's good to know you think highly of my product," Kim said, "Also, you should expect to get more points than before in the levels after the level you are currently playing."

"Thanks for the heads up, Kim," Nozomi said.

Nozomi then went to the second world, which was desert themed. Like the first world, Nozomi went through the levels of the second world without a scratch, making sure to explore most of the levels for sections that give her a lot of points. The second world also introduced Nozomi to the flying powerup, which helped Nozomi to go through the levels with ease and find secrets within the levels. Of course, Nozomi earned much more points in the second world than in the first world.

By the time Nozomi finished the second world, she was huge and immobile  . She was fat to the point where she couldn't stand up. Her belly was much larger and softer than before. Her breasts were the size of giant beach balls. Her butt has completely covered the beanbag that she was sitting on. Even Nozomi's arms and cheeks were well laden with adipose. Nozomi's shirt and sweatpants were already torn apart from her size, so Nozomi had Kim remove them, revealing Nozomi's extremely elastic pink bra and panties. Kim went behind Nozomi's large body, and she laid herself on Nozomi's gigantic behind while using her hands to grope Nozomi's gigantic belly and breasts. Nozomi noticed Kim playing with her body, and Nozomi asked Kim to give her a snack. Kim then went to the fridge and pulled out a slice of cake. Kim went in front of Nozomi's belly, laid herself onto Nozomi's boobs, and fed the cake to Nozomi.

"Mmmmm, thanks for the cake, Kim!" Nozomi said.

"You're welcome, Nozomi," Kim responded.

"Hey, Kim. Can I ask you something?" Nozomi asked.

"What is it?" Kim said.

"Well, I already beaten the second world, but it's getting hard for me to play the game," Nozomi explained, "My belly and boobies are getting in the way of the TV screen, and I could barely put my arms together to hold the controller."

"Not to worry, I know what to do," Kim replied.

Kim then took the controller and separated them in two, revealing that the controller is made of two working parts. Kim then placed each of the halves of the controller into each of Nozomi's hands.

"Well, that solves the controller problem," Nozomi said, "But what about the TV problem?"

"You'll see," Kim said.

Kim then pulled out a remote and pressed one of the buttons. The wall in the side of the room Nozomi is facing turned from white to static, and then to displaying the game like on TV.

"Woah! The wall is a big TV?" Nozomi perplexedly asked.

"Of course," Kim responded, "Now you can see the game more easily."

"Thanks Kim," Nozomi said, "You're the best."

"You're welcome," Kim replied.

Nozomi then continued the game starting at the third world. She easily went through the levels, jumping on enemies, collecting coins and lives, and even finding new powerups. As she played through the levels, she earned a lot of points, even more than one can at a regular Mario game. Nozomi's belly, butt, and boobs ballooned heavily and jiggled with fat as she played, and Nozomi loved every moment she grew. Kim found it easier and more comfortable to lay down on Nozomi's soft fat rather than to stand next to Nozomi. At least she will be close to Nozomi's head as possible. After every level, Kim would reward Nozomi with some snacks from the fridge she also brought up. It's a good thing the fridge is bottomless, so Nozomi won't go hungry while playing.

By the time Nozomi finished the 6th world, Nozomi was mega massive  . Nozomi had to weigh as much as several adult blue whales. Her belly was the largest part of her body, as it is large enough to cover an entire basketball court. Her breasts were like two hot air balloons if they were stuck together and filled with fat. Her butt also grew to the point where they became massive comfortable cushions that support her immense body. Her chin and neck simply became nonexistant as the lower part of her head was pillowed with a more than healthy amount of blubber, and even her arms were so flabby that one couldn't see Nozomi's hands anymore. Nozomi's massive weight gain also caused her to grow taller from her 4'1" height. Nozomi's panties and bra were stretched to the point where one can use them to make 10 large tents to live under. Even Kim was having fun with Nozomi's current size, as she fitted herself between Nozomi's cleavage and feel Nozomi's huge breasts jiggle and ripple as Nozomi was playing her game. When Nozomi finished the 6th world, Nozomi called to Kim for something.

"Kim! Will you come here?" Nozomi shouted.

"Yes, Nozomi?" Kim asked after she emerged from Nozomi's cleavage and went up to her face.

"It's getring hard for me to play again," Nozomi explained, "I can't hold the controller with my hands in my arm fat, and my big boobies are in the way of the big wall screen."

"Don't worry, Nozomi. I got you covered," Kim said as she presented what appears to be a headset to Nozomi.

"Hey! It's one of those virtual reality headset things I heard about!" Nozomi exclaimed,"I bet I can play the game in 3D now!"

"The game isn't designed for virtual realiry, but the headset is designed so you can see your game without anything blocking your view," Kim explained, "Also, this headset can read your brainwaves for control input with no delay, so you can play this game without holding a controller."

"Thanks, Kim!" Nozomi exclaimed, "Can you put the headset on me?"

Kim then placed the headset on Nozomi, and Nozomi was relieved that she can see the game without anything in the way. Nozomi tested out the controls, and found it was easier to do than using a controller with her hands. Nozomi continued to play the game as she completed levels, earned more points, and grew bigger and fatter. Kim was able to feed Nozomi snacks from the bottomless fridge as there wasn't anything now obscuring Nozomi's view of the game, and Nozomi enjoyed being fed while playing.

Nozomi was finally at rhe last level of the game, and she was much bigger than before. The last level was more of a challenge than the previous levels, but Nozomi managed to go through the level without much difficulty. Nozomi was able to reach the final boss, which happened to be a giant, red dragon. Through her skills, Nozomi was able to defeat the dragon after a long fight, which caused her to earn a lot of points and grow fatter.

"I did it! I beat the game!" Nozomi exclaimed.

"Wait, Nozomi," Kim said, "Do you want to see the cutscene?"

"Cutscene?" Nozomi asked.

Nozomi then watched as a cutscene appeared. In it, a princess is congratulating Nozomi for saving her. The princess had magenta hair, and was wearing a green dress.

"Hey, that princess looks a lot like..." Nozomi said before being cut off by Kim. As the cutscene showed the princess kissing Nozomi's character, Kim went up to Nozomi's face and kissed her on the cheek. Nozomi was surprised by this and blushed from what happened.

"...Kim, I..." Nozomi said before being cut off by Kim again.

"Wait, Nozomi," Kim said, "You haven't tried out the secret level yet."

"Secret level?" Nozomi questioned.

Nozomi went to the map screen to find out that a secret world was unlocked. In the secret world was a single level. Nozomi selected and entered the level, and found something interesting about it. There was no timer present for the level, and the entire level was a staircase with a beetle shell on one of the steps. Nozomi recognized what this is referring to.

"Hey! This is like that trick in Mario where you ger a bunch of 1-ups!" Nozomi exclaimed.

"Why don't you show me that trick, Nozomi?" Kim asked.

"Okay, Kim! I will!" Nozomi replied.

Nozomi then made her avatar jump on the beetle shell on the staircase. The beetleshell remained in place, and Nozomi earned more points for each jump.


However, Nozomi noticed that after the '8000' point mark, each jump gives her double the previous jump's points instead of an extra live.


"Huh? Why aren't I'm getting extra lives?" Nozomi questioned?

"Oh, I may have changed the point system for this one level," Kim said, "Instead of lives, you get double the points."

"So that means I get to grow bigger!" Nozomi exclaimed.

Nozomi looked at the points again, and she saw that the points she is earning for each jump is in the millions, and is still doubling for each jump. Nozomi noticed that her body started to grow slowly, and for each jump her body grew larger and fatter a bit more quickly. After a while, each jump Nozomi makes earn her points in the billions, and Nozomi's body grew more massice rapidly, and she is still earning double the points! Nozomi loved the sensation of growing so big with fat so fast, and Kim loved how big and blubbery Nozomi is growing, especially her belly, breasts, and butt. Nozomi grew faster and faster, and she would eventually outgrow the expansive room she and Kim are in. Finally, Nozomi spoke up again.

"Hey Kim?" Nozomi asked.

"Yes?" Kim responded.

"I love you," Nozomi said.

"I love you, too," Kim replied.

Kim then wrapped her arms around Nozomi's head and hugged her, causing her body to sink into Nozomi's growing blubber. Right before Nozomi's rapidly growing and jiggling fat body broke out the walls of the giant room, Nozomi said to Kimberly:

"Can I have another kiss?"
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