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by Sandra
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Triston has discovered of what his amulet can do
As Triston's eyes turned a violet hue his amulet glowed with violet light rays
at the same time, after that has happened Triston's amulet floats off from his neck as it began to shatter.
as Triston saw it he started to feel worried like the amulet was breaking,
suddenly as the amulet crumbled the parts of the amulet float around as a light ray surrounds the pieces as they glow,
a few seconds later a ray of light flows from a window in the building and suddenly something wonderful happened as Triston and Kristan looked.
suddenly then Serena's sprit walks through the window where the light rays is, the boys were shocked and surprised to see her.
Serena walks over by Triston and Kristan is and kneels down between the two, "boys... you have finally met and sensed the way as brothers," she began to speak,
"i'm so proud of you two, it is time you learned the truth of your amulets" she continued.
as she said that Triston and Kristan looked at Triston's amulet that was floating in the air, "but mom, Tristons amulet just broke randomly" Kristan says to Serena,
Serena smiles aswell as giving her head a shake "No it didn't, you amulet's power has awoken. watch" she says closing her eyes folding her hands together.

The shards of Triston's amulet have suddenly froze in tin air,
then the shard suddenly go toward Triston and then form around him.
as they did Triston had his eyes closed thinking the shards were gooing to stab him,
as he opened them afterwards the shard have formed into a body armor,
Triston looked and saw how the violet shards have formed a perfectly fit crystalized armor.

In amazement Serena smiled seeing Triston look surprised, "see, this armor is made of your amulet, it shall protect you" she said to him.
suddenly after she said that Wolfine jumps through the window Serena came through with an evil grin as his eyes were flared up with redness.
"i knew it was you" Wolfine said looking at Serena, "so the legends are true you don't show yourself unless the amulets are awaken" he said looking at Serena and the boys.

Serena suddenly looked angry seeing wolfine "what do you want" she said,
"i want those amulets of course" he said tipping his hat down with a smarty grin on his face as suddenly after he spoke that his arm suddenly flew from under his jacket as two dark seed looking objects flew from his hand and straight at Triston and Kristan,
the seeds formed into electrical nets and covered them.

"No! Triston, Kristan!" she yelled as tears begin to fall from her spiritual face, the nets suddenly shocked the two boys "Ow.." Kristan shouted out as the net shocked him, the net didn't shock Triston cause his Crystal armor protects him but he ouldn't help but worry seeing Kristan start to cry in pain.

As Triston heard his brother in pain his eyes turned violet again as he lifts his hand out of one of the net holes and a violet electric ray shooted at Wolfine, "Ow!" wolfine shouted as the pain from the ray shocked him as he turned around looking at Triston, triston grinned a little with revenge of his brother in his eyes "you don't like it do you!" he yelled pointing at wolfine and suddenly a ray of red like a laser flowed at the net he was trapped in.

Suddenly the net Trison was in snapped in front of him and he fell out of it to the floor, "ow, h... how did that happen?" he asked,
Serena saw Triston free from the net " oh that's your amulet's power" she began to speak, "you can't control it yet" she continued.

Triston was still confused but he was worried about Kristan and ran to him "i... i'll get you out of there" he said to Kristan with frustration in his face as he tried to concentrate, he closed his eyes and tried to picture the laser in his mind, suddenly the laser came out of Triston's hand and it sliced the net, then Kristan almost fell from the net as he pushed a button on his cybertron and his rocket boots started up.

Kristan finally landed gently to the floor on his feet near Triston,
Triston was on the floor with his leg still bleeding and injured,
Serena walked over to Triston and Kriston and she touched Tristons leg and his leg began to glow as Serena healed his leg most of the way.

Serena smiled seeing the boys are ok "you will be ok Triston, i healed your leg a little it still needs to heal on its own now" she said,
Kristan helped Triston up by holding his hand and pulling him up gently,
still a little wobbly cause of his leg Kristan grabbed onto Triston to make sure he doesn't fall.

"i must go now" she said with tears forming in her eyes,
Triston and Kristan looked shocked sad hearing those words "but mom will we ever see you again" Kristan asked, Serena looked at him putting her spiritual hand on his cheek "yes if you would ever need me just use your amulet to call for me" she began to say, "my sprit is hidden in your amulets" she whispered to Triston and Kristan so Wolfine doesn't hear
but Lokari on the other hand might've since she's got super sonic hearing.

-------------------------------To Be Continued-----------------------------
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