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This is a story of a couple who took vows to love each other...
This is a story of a couple who took vows to love each other, in sickness and in health, in poverty and in wealth, to look out for each other more loving than husband and wife, for eternity.

He's a young man, barely 24 years old, cohabiting with his girlfriend. Both of them were so deeply in love that they decided to move out and start staying together for the past two years. After the honeymoon period of 6 months, the truth and reality starts sinking in. They had to find a proper full-time job to survive this life. His girlfriend went out to find a job. She got the job she wanted at that point of time. As a teacher. For 6 months, she was a stable working adult. She was so busy with the life, she forgot to look out for her partner.

He started doing odd little jobs to help her, to spend time with her. He was working in campsites, working as a waiter in restaurants. These little odd jobs part-time, simply to be there for her when she needs him to be. He helped her with the house work. Doing dishes and laundry. Sometimes even cooking dinner. She was so blessed. After 6 months of teaching, she had enough. She quit her job and started doing odd jobs too.

Financially, both of them struggled but they were happy. Always there for each other, leaning on each other. He was the guiding star that she needed. She was the happiness and shelter he needed. All was well until things started going downhill. She became jealous of the other girls that were around him.

She believed these girls were up to no good. To make matters worst, he didn't see a need to tell these girls that he was attached. She felt so insecure because she believe these girls will try to get in between them. One of these girls turned out to be his ex-girlfriend. It didn't make things easier for her. She strongly believed that he should tell these girls that he is not single. It does not matter to her if he does not tell who he is with. As long as these girls know he is attached. For him, he does not see a need to tell anyone. To him, the relationship is better to stay just between them. He believes these girls will try to break them apart the moment they know he is attached. The contrast in thoughts and opinions made things sour between them.

He started to withdraw himself from his partner. Building walls rather than breaking it down. Keeping it in rather than talking it out. He started taking in all the negative thoughts and energy around him. Her nagging at him to get a job. Her nagging at him about the housework. Her nagging at him about everything. One day, he just exploded like a volcano from keeping things in too long.

He said mean things that hurt her. He said things like "I'm still here just out of pity." and "I'll move out the moment you get a new partner." She got hurt so deeply but she held on. Kept quiet thinking that the mean streak will pass. She knew he was hurt. She knew he needed time. She knew he needed space. She knew he felt useless. She knew he felt inferior. She knew he felt his dominance threatened. She left him at that. Let him be that injured animal that needed to retaliate, taking the blows emotionally and mentally.

One month of this and she's had enough. She decided it was time to talk things out. He refused to. He built walls between them when all she wanted was to work things out. She wanted them to be that happy couple again. He wanted his life back. He didn't want to have a life with her. He wanted a life of his own. She strongly believed that they can have their own life, each leading their own but they still need a life together as partners. It's two distinct separate lives but there is one that is their own. He believes in only one life. A life of his own.

She's had enough of getting hurt. Being hurt on purpose, she packed her bags, getting ready to leave. She wrote him letters of farewell. Breaking their relationship. She wanted to get out of the relationship they both have built. She couldn't find the courage to leave and let him fend off for himself. She waited and stayed till that night. When he came home to find the things packed. They talked, she cried while he cried on his own. She just wants things back to how they were.

She wants the relationship to work. She wants him to stay in this relationship with her. He said the relationship is over as she asked for it. He does not want to be with her anymore. Yet she is still sticking around in the house, hoping he will come around. They took their vows and she wants to uphold it. She is unable to decide what to do anymore. She wants to take her life but she does not want him to be left alone in the world.

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