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A children's poem about children's imaginations

My secret playground
is where I play,
with my friend, Imagination,
every night and day!

Downside up,
sometimes inside out,
we can hold hands,
then go round-about!

Twirling and whirling,
left side out, right side in,
laughing until we fall,
in this game, I let you win!

Outside in, down side up,
we climb up the slide,
until we reach the top,
none see where we hide!

Standing on my knees,
sitting on my head,
let’s see-saw sideways,
then swing on my bed!

Right is left, left is right,
make a smile from a frown,
down is up, day is night,
when I am upside down!

Only we children can play
with our friend, Imagination,
poor grown-ups long ago forgot,
Imagination’s fascination!

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