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Two Whales are separated in time and space, but not in spirit.
The Whales

Towards the stars

she surfaces!

An eruptive snort

spray-showers the calm but bitter air,

that foreign element

from which life first takes its breath.

The momentary leap

dissolves into whirlpools

as once more she haunts the deep,

a fragmented phantom

skimming over sea-caves of murky shelf;

but she will not fly

without her mate.

They once were one,

together with whitecaps and wind

soaring the surface

and plunging the depths...

she now plunges alone.

The fear was sudden

as that quick, strong web

mercilessly dragged

the Sea King away

in vengeful rage

at anything that dared be so free.

His soul cried out to her,

an eternal bond

that linked once separate emotions

together in one infinite Spirit,

more powerful than any star,

yet gentler than a dribble of rain

sailing on the breeze.

His torment was hers

she could feel the capture

the stone walls,

the cage of pill-water,

the eyes of the beast.

The water was cloudy

the people were dazed

Jesters of cramped court

tempted by tidbits

into playing the fool

for the madly roaring crowds.

The swift Sea-Hunter

now swims the Shadows of the Lost,

seeking his home

amidst ripples of destiny

guided only by the moon,

the light of all pathways.

The slow Lonely Whale

now swims Light-Water

covered by her ocean blanket

wailing liquid sound-grief

for her captured second soul.

Rising birth!

An awakened calf

shares promise of merged selves...


he holds the future in his surfacing

for one gliding seeker

and one trapped spirit.

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