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Excerpt based on 4 (randomly chosen) key words spun into a 'story'.

A dance studio, a broken wristwatch, peppermints, and a hug that goes too far ......

Well drat it. I just broke my watch. Granted I had it for five years, so its way past its expiry date, but still, these things have sentimental values.

I sighed, popping another peppermint into my mouth as I tossed the old timer away. I had just finished work for the day, and was looking forward to going to my dance class. I wanted to be on time this week, since I was always late. Guess my watch wont be helping with that now. It was late April in Hong Kong, and the early mornings and afternoons were beginning to get stuffier and stuffier and more humid. Streets were becoming congested as children finished up for the year and were looking forward to their summer holidays.

I got off the stuffy train carriage as I headed towards my dance studio. I had been taking classes for a while now, and while I still looked like a two legged chicken, I was able to hold down a few of the basic steps and was beginning to see progress. I always thought I would be a good dancer, I was expressive, musical, and really sensitive by nature. Surely that’s all good for dancing to music and listening to the beat? Well, turns out there’s more to good dancing than being a sensitive prat. Things like focusing, memorizing steps, and listening to the beat and counts for a song also played a huge role. And for someone like me, who daydreamed half the time, focusing on things completely was initially very difficult. Memorizing more than a few steps at any one time was also difficult, and coupled with my shyness and reluctance to ask for help or clarification made things more frustrating for both myself, and also the dance teacher I think.


I turn around as I hear a rush of footsteps coming toward me.

“Umph!” I grunt as I am enveloped and near-suffocated by my good friend Steve. Steve was someone I became close with in my dance classes. Always a smile on his face, he was always available to help out or clarify things for me when I was confused but didn’t have enough guts to ask the teacher in front of everyone. Granted, the teacher got annoyed whenever i was struggling but didnt ask for help. I'd imagine a teacher should be better able to deal with different kinds of sudents, but i guess theyre just people in the end. And no one is perfect.
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