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Story of an ill fated girl.
THE MEMORABLE MISERIES: INTRODUCTION                                        

Think of a young girl of sixteen, who, from a very tender age has felt unwanted, hated, disliked, pushed around and perhaps even discarded. Her parents only thought of bringing up a successful girl, however, they were indifferent to her emotional needs. She always loved her family but failed to get enough affection in return. She tried really hard, and I mean REALLY hard. She tried everything she could in her power. Because she never got back the love, she desperately sought it, looked for it. She often looked to her relatives to get that love, but never really found it. So desperately, that unconsciously she even looked for romantic love, at that young an age. It was like looking for water in a desert. She never found anything. Except one day, she mistook an oasis for real water and got severely hurt when she realized that the love she sought in even the relatives was unfounded. She had almost started to lose faith in love itself until she met a man. A man much older, somewhat similar to her dad perhaps! But only in external features, never in behaviour. This man changed everything by showing her what true love is. He was attracted to her because he saw the pain in her eyes and really needed to help her, perhaps just out of sympathy. That pain she hid was too obvious to be missed. So he went to her. They spent long hours together, understood each other and fell in love. Even though the love story was an impossible one. Their bond grew but so did the pressure of the relationship. This man always knew that this had to end, but knowing how disturbed and broken the girl already was, he could never find the best way to do it. So as not to hurt her. So one day, he fabricated things and made sure that misunderstandings happen. Even when he left her, he chose not to go after her, because that would pull her back again.
So he let her go, knowing fully well how dearly he loved her and how shattered he was to lose her, he was bound to sacrifice for her betterment.
He knew that his purpose in her life could not extend beyond this. His purpose was served. And when guests overstay their welcome, things can turn bitter.
Because the two had such a huge age difference, the girl could never understand this fact.

She did not realize that this was an act of mature love; a love that dictates release rather than holding on.
Because tightening the fist only makes the sand fall out faster.
The more they stayed together, the more they would have fallen apart.
She thought that it was just about staying together as a life partner.
But he saw more. To him, love was not merely having lunch & dinner together everyday. Instead it was an ocean, an unending, huge ocean whose waves touch both of their hearts as each of them stand on the other side of the shore.
As he was older, it was his responsibility to understand.
She was naive, she was disturbed, she was out of all her senses. How could she possibly make a decision so rational?
She needed him, and he needed her too. But not at the cost of ruining her future!
What she found in him was so much more than the romantic love we all seek & what he found was a rare, precious gift that God chooses to offer only to a few.
She found her father in him.....
Her unconcerned family that never understood her.....
Her relative who should have loved her instead of molesting her...
She found them all in him. She found her world in him....
Why do we always assume love to be in that one stupid way?
Love is so beautiful
Love is boundless
It need never be defined
What boyfriend what girlfriend
Love is love!

Many years later, when she was a confident, independent woman, she wrote him a letter. She wrote about everything she did after he left; all the wonderful things she achieved. She laughed with joy as she wrote it. She described how well she did everything he had taught her, and cried. And she laughed. She also apologized for her rudeness in her last conversation. She wrote her heart out. Many miles away, he opened a letter and smiled.
They became friends again. But not like before, but so much more meaningfully. They had years of maturity with them now. So much to talk about. So many wonderful experiences to share.

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