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by sandi
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A mother's love and devotion to her babies

A Mother's Love
A Mother's Love
As I run through the oak and pine trees, I can smell the pine and feel the leaves and sticks under my paws. They snap when I step on them. As I am running to my babies after a good long run, I get closer to the den. I slow down to a walk I stop and turn around to see who is there.
Momma asks, "Who’s there?” No answer. She continues her trot.
Again, she hears a stick break she stops turns around this time louder, she asked again, "Who’s there?”
A red fox emerges from behind a big oak tree that has green moss with many small trees next to and around the area that the den is in. There's dirt, green grass with bigger trees and smaller sticks around the area. There's also a river nearby for Momma to go and seek water for her and the little ones. As Foxy gets closer to Momma Wolf, Foxy tells her, "I'm hungry and looking for food".
Momma tells Foxy. "If you are looking for some good food go over by the river, and there you will find food that you would love to eat."
When Foxy starts to leave, they both hear the breaking of sticks and the shuffling of leaves behind them. As they both turn and look, Momma asks Foxy, "go watch the cubs and the den as I go see who or what is there.”
As Momma Wolf starts walking to the sound, she spots a human. As the human gets closer, Momma Wolf starts a low growl as she bares her teeth. She gets low to the ground. She doesn't see anything in the human's hands, so Momma stops growling, but continues to watch as he walks by without noticing her. As I lay here, I watch the human cross over the river. As I get up and start to turn around, I spot another gray wolf. He is all black, very handsome, and has beautiful dark brown eyes that are looking back at me, gazing, watching me. I ask myself, “what is he thinking?”
Then I slowly walk over to him I ask, “why are you here?”
The black wolf replied, “I was thinking of approaching you” or do I leave with my head down as to not start a fight with you.
Momma asked him, “what is your intention here?”
He told her that he was looking for a new mate, since his mate was killed.
“I didn't mean to enter into your territory, or scare you.”
Momma slowly walks around the other wolf, sniffing to sense any danger. “I have 6 little cubs that I'm raising so I am a little wary of anyone who comes near them and the den. “I also lost my mate to a hunter. You will be fine,” Momma told him. “I need to get back to my cubs.”
As I start to walk away I turn and watch him raise his head to the sky as he lets out a lonely and sad howl. “I know how you feel lone wolf" momma said to herself.
Momma walked over to Foxy and says, "things are good. We are all safe, and the human has left and is no longer a threat." Foxy asked momma, “did you see that black wolf?” “yes I did, I even spoke with him to see what his intentions were. Momma said. Foxy asked, what did he want? What did he say? “He told me, he wasn't here to do harm and he was looking for a mate, as momma looked away she also said that, “ he lost his mate to a hunter, same as I did".
It's a cold winter's day without any snow on the ground. Momma wolf is sitting outside the den that she had made for her six little babies. While watching them, Momma looks around and spots Foxy, “how are you doing today Foxy?”
Lily, the baby of the six, wakes up and tries to walk around her siblings. She walks to the front of the den and whispers to herself, "where is momma?"
Lily then cries out, “Momma, Momma?”
Lily asks again a little louder, "Momma, where are you?"
As Lily walks to the front of the den, Momma consoles her, "Shhh, little one mama's right here." Momma and Lily walked back into the den and gives me a kiss and tells me, "things will be okay."
Momma looks around at her six babies and the den she made for them and for their safety. Momma has raised these beautiful babies on her own for a few months now. Daddy died when a hunter shot him when he was out to get food for us. Momma has fluffy black and light brown fur with yellow eyes.
As they both go outside the den, they see the bright shining yellow sun shining down on them through the trees. As lily looks at her momma see shes her eyes are the same color as the sun.
"Do you feel the warmth of the sun baby Lily? Momma asked.
“The warm sun feels good Momma", and the sun is the same color as your eyes”, Lily said.
Lily then asked, "when do we eat momma?"
Momma told Lily, “I need to go out and hunt for some food. I’ll do that in a few minutes.Now go back and lay down and get some more sleep Lily. You are still a baby and growing up so fast.” "Okay momma" Lily said.
"I love you Lily," momma told her.
“I love you too momma," Lily said. "I will be back with food for you and your siblings.” Before momma leaves she goes and looks at her babies sleeping, and whispers “I love you my little angels, i will be back”.
As I begin my journey to find food, I think of my mate that I lost and loved deeply, he was my life mate, now I have six precious little ones, my gifts from my life mate.
It has been hours since momma left and went out to hunt, but for me it felt likes days. I wake up and still no momma. I start to cry and a little howl, which in turn wakes up my brother. "Momma has been gone for a long time when will she back?" I asked my brother.
"In time baby sister. Now let's go back to sleep and wait for momma."
“Okay brother," Lily said.
As I raise my head and Howl, “I am out here to get food and you dear deer look good”. “You will definitely feed me and my babies”. As the elk and momma wolf have a good stare down, momma makes her move. “Round and round I go where I bite you will know. , here I come big boy”. As momma wolf and the elk go at it, biting and kicking, snarling, they stop and breath, round and round again, momma jumps on its back and tries to bite its neck, but got flung off instead, “so I do a different approach, I'll go after your throat”. “Hey, you need help?”ask the black wolf, “yeah I could use a little help", Momma jumps up and bites as hard as she can, on the front part of its neck as she hears a crack, as the black wolf jumps onto its back and bites on the back part of its neck of the elk, it slows down knowing it has been defeated and drops to the ground. As the blood pours from its neck, momma realized she is hurt, but not bad enough to die. “Your hurt” black wolf said. “I will survive this and bring home food for my babies”, Momma told him. “What's your name” momma asked him, “ my name is Aspen”, “what is your name?” black wolf asked, “ my name is Bella”. “Beautiful wolf”, Aspen said. “This elk is good”, momma told Aspen, “come, come eat”, “I will have a little bit” Aspen said. As they both eat, momma noticed him watching her, she only smiled and went back to eating. As momma looks around at the open field around them she see light brown tall grass with pine trees on the edge of the field. I'm running back to my babies thru the forest of pine and oak, I stop to eat a rabbit or two. Running with Aspen has been fun but I miss my life mate. I stop and I look around, “are you okay Bella”? Aspen asked. “I am, just thinking it's time to get back to my cubs”, Bella said.
A few days had passed now and momma is still not home. My brother is getting worried as he looks back at me and tries to smile. He turns around and sees the most amazing sight: Momma returning with food. "Oh thank god momma! Lily and I were getting worried and scared of losing you like we did with Daddy.”
Momma kisses her boy, and then goes over to Lily and gives her a kiss. "Hi Lily, I have food for you and your siblings go eat, as I wake the rest of them.”
“Nom, nom, nom! This is good," Lily exclaims.
“Hey, save us some baby sister!" the rest of her siblings shout out playfully.
They all stop and look at momma, smiling. Momma smiles back and says, "it is great to be home and safe.”

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