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Hear my screams.
Let me out!
This vile place of the eternal lost
Has wrapped its arms around me
Hear my screams
In this world of spiritual torment
Please redeem me
From the horror of damnation
And the judgment of the dead

Let me out!
This abode of the wicked
Is never satisfied
Forgive my doubts
As I lift up my eyes
I beg my soul be saved
Though I've breathed my last
And have entered the body of death

Let me out!
Of this place of despair
Flames burning day and night
Take my hand
Though many times I've denied you
Set me free
From this horrendous dream
Forever dying but never dead

(24 lines)

Free verse: Poetry with no regular meter or rhythm; uses imagery, simile, metaphor, hyperbole, and other poetic devices to provide artistic expression.

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