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by AC
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The first story of my series, this is based on something that did happen to me
Adam was in kindergarten, even though he had been in public school for less than a year he had already been marked a nerd by the older students, not just a nerd, THE nerd he was the main target of the school's mean kids, there were even a couple of times when bullies were giving some other nerd a wedgie or depantsing them when they spotted him and went after Adam instead.

By the start of the second half of the year Adam had already been pantsed a couple of dozen times, wedgied just as many, several swirlies, he had gone home pants less twice and bottomless once, his primary bullies at this point were three 6th graders named Angelica, Brittany and Bailey, The first week of school they had already marked him a target, but they have gotten progressively worse just last week they drug him into the girls bathroom, took turns giving him swirlies and wedgies, then took his pants for good measure, he was so humiliated, but he had no idea that this particular Tuesday was going to be one of his most humiliating moments ever.

It was recess and he was in a pretty good mood, he had made it this far without any humiliation, people weren't even really making fun of him for previous humiliations, he was just playing with some other nerds, he hadn't noticed when they all got up and ran away

"Hey Adam!" he heard someone shout he turned around to see Angelica, Brittany and Bailey smirking at him, Bailey's shout had gotten the attention of everyone in the area the all watched with bated breath, they all knew that when these particular sixth graders were around this particular nerd it ended up being hilarious for them...not for Adam

Before Adam could do anything like fight back or run he was pinned to the ground by the three sixth graders, Bailey held his feet and removed his socks and shoes, Brittany took off his pants and briefs and Angelica took his shirt, he was totally naked at school and everyone he could see including teachers and other faculty found the whole thing quite funny. Brittany & Bailey picked Adam up and held his arms at his sides so he couldn't cover himself, Angelica scooped up his clothes and ran off with them, the two bullies holding him now started carrying him around the playground making sure every student, kindergarteners, sixth graders and teachers all saw everything the poor nerd had after making two laps around the playground they started walking into the school, into a hallway.

Adam was having a hard time not crying being paraded around totally naked unable to cover anything at all, but didn't want to give these bullies the satisfaction, he saw students in the classrooms start the crowd the doors to get a better view of his humiliation, at least a couple hundred people by now had seen him, and he knew they were not going to stop until the entire school... all 1100 students had seen him.

They weren't saying anything not to Adam, not to each other they were just carrying him around as a display for everyone to see

"PUT HIM DOWN, NOW!!!!" they stopped and looked at a furious teacher "How dare you gang up on him like this, put him down now!" the teacher shouted

RING! the bell rung students were forming a circle hoping to block any attempt the nerd had at escaping, the bullies put him down

the teacher tried to get Adam to wait while she yelled at them, then she would escort to him to the office, get him some clothes, and call his mother, but Adam was naked in the school hallway with hundreds of other students laughing and mocking him, he made a run for it, he got pushed back, bolted in the other direction, got pushed back again, made a third attempt this time they grabbed his arms and re-exposed him in the front, he got away and ran the other direction.... back outside to the playground passed laughing students, he then realized that he had both hands covering his front side and was leaving his naked behind totally exposed, he didn't know where he was going to go, he got outside and started heading for the bushes.....

To Be Continued....

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