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The latest edition of the Jane Austen Newsletter.
Jane Austen Newsletter May 2016
Editor: Princess Megan Rose 21 WDC

Modern picture of Jane Austen or one of her characters. Notice the cell phone and pool.

Hello Janeites: Welcome to another edition of the Jane Austen Newsletter. I am so happy to write the latest edition. We will start with Mr. Darcy.
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Hope you will the Darcy Merit Badge. All I can say is wow.

Did you know that Jane spent a lot of time at Goodstone Park- an English Manor in Kent? She attended a double wedding there. The mansion has 12 bedrooms, cozy drawing rooms, a big classic library and Jane spent a lot of time in this library. She may have got the idea for Pride and Prejudice Weddings of Darcy and Elizabeth and Jane and Charles Bingley when she attended the wedding.

Jane had a hard time getting "Northanger Abbey published. The publisher didn't want to publish it and didn't want to return it to her. She threatened to sue but had no money for a lawyer. Her brother Henry got it back for her but it wasn't published until after she died. This is so sad. It was also Henry's favorite novel of his sister's.

"Lady Susan" is the only surviving original hand written manuscript by Jane. It is at the Jane Austen Museum in Bath, England.

I am reading "Eligible" by: Curtis Sittenfield. It is a modern day retelling of "Pride and Prejudice" in Cinnanatti, Ohio Elizabeth and Jane are unmarried, and in their forties. Jane meets Chip Bingley who is a surgeon and was on "Eligible" which is like "The Bachelor". Jane is taking fertility procedures to get pregnant and sleeps with Chip and finds out she is pregnant but Chip leaves after he finds out about Jane's fertility tests. Elizabeth meets Darcy who is a surgeon. He is a snob and doesn't think much of Elizabeth being a magazine Editor. Her step cousin Willie is rich and wants to marry her and her parents are facing bankruptcy and if Lizzie marries Willie, their problems are solved. Lizzie has been having an affair with a married man Jasper Wikkum and he and Darcy are enemies. Jasper promises to divorces his wife but Lizzie finds out he has slept around on her and she has hate sex with Darcy! Why am I reading this book? I have to see how it ends. What would Jane Austen think? I am not sure if she would approve. If this book was any other modern day story, no big idea. This book is written by a Jane Austen fan. I am trying to sort it out. Lydia, Mary and Kitty like military men and Lizzie doesn't like her younger sisters. She and Jane stay close. I will keep reading this book but I have to separate this book from the original "Pride and Prejudice." I am baffled to say the least. Any thoughts, readers?

}I have items written by other authors that I would like to share:
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"Five Sisters ~ Quatrain
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#2080228 by eyestar~*

Thank you, Ladies!

I watched the movie: "Becoming Jane." It is a fictional movie about Jane and Thomas Lefoy. They fell in love but his uncle didn't want them to marry. They ran away to get married but Jane found a secret that could hurt him and his family so she didn't marry him and went home to her family. She was engaged to a guy named Mr. Westerly but called it off. His aunt {played by Maggie Smith} was furious because Jane had ran off with Lefoy and Jane didn't want to marry Mr. Westerly. She thought Jane was a tart and tramp but her father and Jane put the old uptight spinster in her place. Jane saw Thomas fifteen years later and met his daughter who was named Jane. The daughter loved Jane and said she was a fan of her stories and they embraced. You could tell Thomas and Jane still loved each other. This is a very good movie and I thank eyestar~* } for recommending it to me.

I rearranged my books. I put my published books by Jane Austen's book of her 7 novels and my "Pride and Prejudice" book. I feel like I can be next to Jane. I have 3 copies of Jane Austen's books on my Nook and they analyze each story and I have learned a lot.

There are two "Pride and Prejudice" coloring books coming out this summer. I really love doing stress relief coloring therapy books. I bought one of Lizzie's dresses and I can't wait to work on it.

That is all for this month. If you have any items you want to submit about Jane Austen, I would be happy to put them in the next newsletter. Thanks for reading.

Picture of sisters of Pride and Prejudice Zombies.
A neat Jane Austen ladies pictures.
Picture of Mr. Darcy.
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