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Allegory of life at WDC before preferred & some after, through images of my cat's life.
Your generous light spreads across
the carpeted floor
to the threshold of a linoleum arena --
a brilliant, holographic theatre.

Your glow angles through the miracle pane.
Prisms of colorful light,
as brief as twilight, fancifully
fall where I chase my tail.

Swelling, yellowing beauty,
love and sacrifice elude
this confused little beast,
trapped in a wondrous paradise.

By midday, I saunter alone
to the master's feathery bed.
Your radiance pours out,
as I steal temporal beams of eminence.

From this gravitational horizon,
my closest proximity to you,
just a few moments to quench...
sprawled across the frayed fabric.

Birds outside my fortress summon me,
"rise, play!" My voice cracks,
stutters; their plumage mocks me,
while devouring all the lovely warmth.

Your beauteous rays meant well,
filled my body all these years,
as I grew longer in tooth, arthritic in leg.
Humming, I repaired with your glory.

Green eyes yearn your daily return.
My glass world is unquestioned.
An eternity spent roaming within,
seeking your love without.

"Tribute To Angel Army

Coda (Pele, now 19)

I carry my master's sock in my mouth --
leave it at the landing
and crow like midnight is dawn

With vacant eyes I stare
at an empty dish
wondering what strange force
compelled me here

I don't cuddle on the warm lap
of the tender, giant god,
but next to the radiator in the utility room;
when I'm confused.

I skitter away when unsure if
it's my owner or an intruder.
How long has it been?
Ten or 70 years?

I puke in some unusual places,
miss the litter box nearly every day.
I have a taste for cords I shouldn't chew.

I eye the front door with much more daring,
left open -- put my head out...
Have I been hear before?

I could escape to find you,
risk losing you.
I miss you when you're gone.

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