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The Shadows and Light Poetry Contest entry - Round 36
If offered one wish
could I wish wisely?
If I rearranged the timeline,
unfurled the future,
benefited the world,
or did something strange
might it not create a rift,
swirl all existence,
hurl the universe
into an alternate reality?
Even a simple change
like wishing for a new car
would show thrift,
improve my austere life,
yet, could lay waste to millions.
Who am I to wield such power?
God might be a little miffed
at my lack of faith.
I will resist temptation
and be thankful for my gifts.
God created the pendulum of time,
the infinite album of bird songs,
every wafting aroma,
and curled ocean waves.
I choose to be as humble
as a mere grain of sand
conceived with love
to live in this universe.
There's no reason for wishes
with faith in God's design.

(30 Lines)

*Freeform: Poetry composed of either rhymed or unrhymed lines that have no set fixed metrical pattern.

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