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The basic plot to a potential story
The world has maintained harmony. Kings come and go, each one given blessing by the Essence queen. Let me explain...

The Essence Queen is based on a myth since the creation of life itself. She is the one bestowed onto the planet to maintain order, peace and to guide mankind into their destiny. They say that the Essence Queen's spirit leaps from one successor to another, however many successors have varied in personality and attitudes. The Essence Queen is selected by handpicked suitors for the current queen, and only daughters become successors. Once mankind developed a society, they elected kings to lead the world. However, a king could only rule under the Essence Queen's blessing. Never has a king been accepted without her blessing, and they never will. Informally, the Essence Queen is known as "The Knife"

Although the world abides by this form of monarchism, there are always those that seek power at any costs. "Why gain favor with a cultist madwoman?"
Well, I'll tell you.

The Essence Queen was gifted to the Earth, and came with divine protection. This protection is known as "The Cyprian Order". No-one knows their history, but their relationship with the Essence Queen is the closest and most important one there is. Regarded in the same light as celebrity's, the Cyprian Order protects the Queen and her interests, but only her. The world may burn, kings can send their empire into certain death, but they do not intervene. Due to their high standards and importance, candidates are hand picked and their funding, equipment and tactics are the best in the world. Bloodline does not matter, but rather someone's spirit. The very force that the Essence Queen is. The leader of the Cyprian Order is the representative to the Essence Queen, and their commander. If any blessings are to happen, public appearances or visits, they go through him. The leader is known as "The Scabbard".
The Order swears loyalty to the Scabbard, and the Scabbard swears his loyalty to the Essence Queen.

This is how the world has been, until now. A determined warcheif has made a claim to become king. Normally, this type of thing would have been dealt with by the current king, if the warcheif didn't have the Cyprian Order on his side.....

(This is just an Idea I have for a story. Any feedback would be appreciated, and will spur me to continue writing. I already have a plan for what's happening, but I'd like to know if anyone's actually interested.)
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