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Why does he care?
It's a certainty that God knows us and all we do. It is a certainty that he is always with us. But why would he be with us? Why would he care? Because, among other things, it is his job to care. It is his responsibility to care. He cannot be other than one who cares. Apathy or indifference does not exist in his nature. Rather, he cares without ceasing, accepting our apathy as a condition of his love for us. He accepts our casual indifference to him and all he stands for, every moment, with no effort to abandon us. Instead, he heaps love upon love, blessing upon blessing, grace upon grace, every instant. He recognizes our cruelties to ourselves and to him. He watches as his children hurt one another, pouring out pain where he would have comfort, works where he would have grace, and ego where he would have open-handedly provided for us. Jesus loves us with a love that knows no constraints. In a world of limits, he provides limitlessly all we need; he gives us food and purpose, shelter and goals, clothing and his plans for us. He is the never-ending resource upon which we draw, not knowing he offers us everything up to his detriment with joy. For he loves us, children as we are, and desires to be a friend. A friend we actually know, for he loves us so.
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