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Going forward, one should sometimes worry about what they leave behind.
         Kevin threw the rock at the old oak tree and was satisfied with the sound of a loud thump. He was thinking, well, he didn’t know what he was thinking. Picking out more rocks of the right size and weight that should make a satisfying thump when hitting the old oak tree, he let loose another round of throws that should wake the sleeping tree. Perhaps he imagined it was time to wake up? These oak trees often waited until after all the other trees had spread their leaves before shedding the last of their own leaves and sprouting new ones.

         A short distance away, his girlfriend watched him with a bored look on her face. She didn’t believe in otherworldly creatures like he did and he suspected that it was his popularity and lithe body that kept her with him. He was looking for a way to break up with her but didn’t have the heart to tell her yet. There really wasn’t anyone else he was interested in at the moment, so he wasn’t in a rush to dump her either. Maybe she would move on her own? He should be so lucky.

         Focusing back on the tree, he thought he felt a change in the tree. His heart beat faster. Throwing another rock, he tried to ignore the tingly feeling in his fingers and toes. Normally, he would undress at this point to get closer to nature. Since his girlfriend was watching, he thought such a distraction would lead to unnecessary frolicking and detract from his present mission. So far, all his efforts seemed to be paying off. His belief and his practice led him to this point, however, doubt was always there because he relied on gut feelings and no proof. Once she noticed him looking at her, she waved once and threw him a big smile. He failed to return the smile or the wave and simply continued on with his work. His magick words were working and the long-sought-after veil dropped in his vision until the very weight of the veil was energized and uncomfortable. Then, a hole opened up near the base of the tree and inside was the most beautiful woman he had ever seen and he knew immediately that she was the one he had been waiting for. There was no mention in any of his books of this sort of thing happening, but he didn’t care. Stealing a look toward his girlfriend, he saw her leaning back with an expression of horror. Maybe she didn’t see what he saw? Definitely not.

         The old oak tree shivered and seemed to spark to life. Happiness like none he had ever felt before brought its own sort of numbness to his body and he didn’t care. He didn’t even look back at his girlfriend as he trod forward into the hole beneath the tree. The woman in the hole waved him in and he went without any thought about the dangers that might be before him. He did worry momentarily about his collection of books but figured his girlfriend would sell them off. Morgana would get over him.


         Years later, Morgana thumbed through the tombs freshly added to her collection. Losing her boyfriend as she did opened up a whole new realm of possibilities. Something about the otherworldly woman had been oddly familiar. It was almost as she had found a mirror image of herself, though, much more powerful. It was something to strive for. If there was any way to make her ex-boyfriend pay, she was going to find a way. Getting him back wasn’t going to be good enough. He was going to pay. She was going to get her good life back if she had to take Kevin out. Commitment enabled her to take action; she would focus on one thing at a time and that would get her Kevin back someday. Dead or alive.

         Morgana twirled the promise ring around her finger. Duty must come first. Besides, she had all the time in the world! Slamming her hand on the table, Morgana let loose a growl that would wake a king…Someday soon she would be the greatest witch who ever lived.

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