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We could soothe each other's anxiety and pain. There's so much to say, and so much unsaid.
Take away my sense
Draw the pins from my skin
Cool the fire in my breath
Soften the iron of my grip

The electricity coursing through my muscles
Ground it, leech it, drain it, sap it
The stamp of my foot
Quakes the ground
My back upheaves the sky
And my hands fell mountains

Wash the acid from my throat
Still the drums in my heart, the thump in my soles
The wheels in my head, the knot in my soul
That beats a tattoo in my flesh

My tendons are taut wires
My calves, cobras
My fingers, vices
My belly is igneous
My fingers, steel
And my bones, granite

My blood, blood red
My blood, magma
My blood, a tsunami
My blood, steam

Fire incarnate
Fire incarnadine

Bleach the colour from my sight
Mask the vapours in the air
Dull the sound all around
Cut the tongue from my mouth
Scorch my fingertips raw
Make me senseless, unfeeling
Petrify me
Turn me to stone, rigid and bloodless
Make me a tree, steadfast and slow
Freeze my flesh, make it as ice
Make me sleep for a thousand years

When you've done that
Hide me away
Never return
Lose me
Never to be found
Make me a pebble on a shore
A fallen tree in a silent forest
Ice in a glacier
Soil on the ground
Untouched, untouchable
Silent, unhearing
Blind, invisible

Make me still
And make the world quiet again
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