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A father alien tries to take his family on vacation--See the end for the glossary.
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Vacation time! Summer's finally here and you get to go wherever you want. Where do you go and why; how does it go all wrong, and how do you manage to have a good time anyway? Write the story or poem (doesn't have to be first person POV).

A Very Alien Vacation--158/223 Words

Zeb looked at the time. It was nearly two stars from nine. If they were going to Pan-Aikin before all spots were taken, they needed to get going now.

Yip nibbled her chack. "Put that down," he said with a thwack. "Grab the others, sisters and brothers, aunts, uncles, and grandmothers and let us all get going now."

All crammed in the car, they headed straight for the dog star, till someone then said, "We left Sam and left Fred--and brought a neighbor instead." And back they all headed to Rao.

Once more they all leave. Now they had Zeb on the qui vive. They all head out into the night again. "Wait, this time we've left Togen. And back they all headed to Rao.

It's now four days stet. And so many, "Are we there yet?" Zeb can only slip out a soft smile, he knows this is their spile. Before they head back to Rao.

These are real words:
Chack - Snack
Thwack - Sharp blow
Dog star - Sirius, in the constellation Canis Major
Rao - A fictional star in the DC Comics Universe. It is the red supergiant that the planet Krypton orbited.
Qui vive - Alert, on the lookout
Stet - "Let it stand"
Spile - A large, heavy timber driven into the ground to support a superstructure.

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