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An opinion essay I had to do in school. As always constructive criticism and no R.Pets
I believe that Robopets are a bad replacement for real animals.

A robopet is a robot in the shape of animals. Some people may want to keep them as pets.

First, millions of cats and dogs are already in need of homes. And unlike robopets, cats and dogs can’t wait on shelves until they are eventually adopted. What happens to those animals that rely on us when we choose robots over the real thing?

Second, real pets have been proven to make us feel happier and healthier. Robopets just can’t replicate that amazing feeling. Robopets can’t replicate that feeling because they would have to be as smart as an actual animal to know how to make us feel good and when we especially need to feel it. Because robopets would have to understand this it would take a while for them to be programed and longer to fix if they break or get bugs, since all computers will eventually get one. The increased coding time would make the people and manufacturers of robopets want more money, causing them to become more expensive.

Finally, with real pets you get to learn how to take care of another living creature. You can’t learn that important skill with robopets. One of the most important skills that you learn by taking care of real animals is respecting and loving other living beings. This is an important skill to have because once you learn it, it passes on to everyday life. If this skill is lost because of robopets, less people are going to care about the environment, and as a result the earth’s health is going to suffer. Losing this skill may also mean humans won’t have as much of a respect for other human beings.

Some people may argue that just because robopets are easier to take care of they are the best choice. But if you don’t want to feed it, give it water, clean up after it, and everything else that is part of the responsibilities of a real pet, you might as well get no pet at all or get a pet rock for free.

The millions of cats and dogs that need homes, the positive effects of owning a real pet, and learning the important skill of taking care of a living creature all point to robopets being a bad idea.
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