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A poem expressing the pain of leaving a near & dear one

When I leave you...

It was when I was shattered,

The pieces of my heart lay shattered..

As I decided I would leave

You made me believe 'Love is peace'

As I was going to be lost in the wilderness,

You cheered me up with your sweetness.

You pulled me closer and closer

It was impossible to get away any further.

Although I wanted to love you a lot,

And say aloud what I hid inside my heart.

I gave you the pain of bidding Good-bye.

And sorrowfully you started to cry.

I never knew my heart was so eager to tie

With you and never say Good-bye

When you said that I was a part of you..

I felt it was a prize I only got from few..

Good Bye little one! And stay Well!

Be happy dear and forget me as soon as possible!

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