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Story one: The 5 nations

There once were 5 nations. They were the Blue nation, Red nation, Black nation, Green nation, and the infamous Yellow nation. The nations all controlled separate countries where their people lived and thrived. Blue nation lived in mighty Africa, where they made a living stalking across the savannah and sold their famous wild blue buffalo meat. Red nation ruled in south america, where their merchants made money selling their dyes and spices. Black nation thrived in europe, where their well trained mercenaries earned money from silencing quarrels all over the world. Green nation lived in asia, and was well known for their amazing food and diplomatic but strong king. Yellow nation survived in the rugged outback of australia, where they made money off of selling rare meats and ochre paints. It is hard to believe that these people turned against the other nations.

The Yellow and Blue nations were often considered primitive, and Yellow nation didn’t like that. To prove the other nations wrong, they set up a military colony in southeast asia, which is considered Green nation’s land. Green nations king was angry, and he prepared to attack the colony. Black nation convinced the king that this proved that yellow nation was not primitive, and the king backed off, allowing yellow nation the tiny strip of land. Blue nation realized that expectations were high, and set up a colony in argentina. Argentina is a large piece of land, and yellow nation felt jealous and ignored. So they decided to set up another military colony in green nations land, forcing the nations to take notice. After 1 more military colony was placed, green nation declared war on yellow nation. Wasting no time, Green nation attacked yellow nation. Many people were killed, and yellow nation was angrier than ever.

Yellow nation began to surround green nation with military colonies. They never attacked though, not yet. In africa, the people of blue nation were scared. They lived so close to green nation, what if they were next? Blue nation took no chance and moved all of its people across the seas. Some went to live in the Argentina colony, while the rest went with their government to live in north america. North america was tough on Blue nation. Many people never lived to see the war end.

The green nation took necessary precautions to protect its people. Blue nation agreed to take them in, and green nations people left for the americas. It was too late for the government though,as yellow nation had them surrounded. They had to surrender. Nobody knows what yellow nation did, but we know it was terrible. Green nation was destroyed, and yellow nation emerged victorious.

Black nation was afraid. Green nation had the strongest government and look what happened to them. Black nation sent everyone besides their soldiers to red nation. Everyone around the world joined Black nations cause to destroy yellow nation. Blue nations hunters and sharp shooters were a valuable addition to the army. Red nations strong army joined the war. Their merchants lent money to the joined army. The 3 nations planned their big battle carefully. When the time came the 3 nations fought furiously, but so did yellow nation. It is said that the battle took 7 days. On the 7th day yellow nation surrendered. It is said that the 3 nations took everyone who was innocent before yellow nation was destroyed. After that, they were integrated into society. This is the story of the 5 nations.
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