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Toni asked Tiffany “was she okay with gay sex? Tiffany smiled and kissed Toni.
Toni and Tiffany V-GAY

Toni saw Tiffany crossing the street, she must be heading home, she pulled and blow her horn, pull up beside her and waved for her to get in. “Thanks Toni, Tiffany said excited where are you heading? Toni asked Oh I am going home before than I had to drop off some files by Mr. Price office Everybody running around on the 10th floor very busy, He must be a very important man.” Toni replied “his owner of the company Tiffany. I just picked him up from the airport. He wasn't due back until Monday but came back today.” “Well everybody running crazy up there” Tiffany smiled at Toni
Toni said “you have no idea. Tiffany turned to her, with those blue eyes and said “do you have time to stop and get early dinner?” “Hey, sure ...where do you have in mind? Toni asked the question. I don't know Toni, you pick okay” Tiffany said warily Okay Tiff she answered
she chose American Pride restaurant they have really good hamburger and chocolate milk shakes, Toni step to the bathroom to call Stacy, “Stacy, Mr. Price sent me on private errand, I going to be here a while.” where did he send you? Stacy curious mind, but Toni knew how to handle her, “Stacy asks him. It's private matter for his wife,” Stacy backed down “Okay, call me, when you get done.”

Toni, looked at my watch Hell its 5:45, I am not calling back until really late. As she watched Tiffany biting into her hamburger, watching wipe away the juice from the meat she thought Hell, maybe not at all; if I have my way tonight, trust and believe; she was planning on having her way. As Toni return to the table and sat back down with Tiffany she asked “How was the hamburger? Tiffany smiled “umm it's really good they put brown sugar in the meat,” Toni looked astonished “how did you know that?” Tiffany said “oh. it's a Texas trick,” Toni corrected her “No, it started in Florida,” No Toni, Tiffany said firmly Yes Tiffany. Toni was astounded she was having a conversion about hamburger meat. Toni was thinking “I have a Bachelor in Business and English. Tiffany turned and asked The waiter “excuse me, where was the first restaurant started?” He said in Texas. Tiffany raised her eyebrows and smiled that cute smile...

Toni asked Tiffany “what good movies had she seen lately?” She said “none, since I been here, when I called to order my services they said they want to able to connect my satellite dish until Saturday,” Tiffany said with a disappointment. “I actually have dish also, I was watching a good movie last night, but I fell sleep before it was over with but that seems to be the way with me lately.” Toni replied
“You stayed up? after you drop me off! Toni, my head hit the pillow and I was dead a sleep. Tiffany said astounded I tell you.” Toni teased, “Well Tiffany, my job is to yell at all my little secretaries, and so they have nightmares about me firing them. You should get all the sleep you can” Oh Toni, shut up! Tiffany said exclaimed you are not a mean manager at all; Tiffany pointed her finger “Now that Donna, is a mean one, she will be tomorrow in the office and God help us all. “Toni saw, that Tiffany looked sad thinking about Donna coming back.

Toni asked Tiffany “Do you want me to place you in another office?” Tiffany looked down and her plate. “No Toni, I will be fine, we just have to get use to each, that's all, Donna and I” Toni thought she will have another talk about how to treat her secretary. After they had their full of the meal. As they were walking out Toni said “Do you want to come over and watch a movie? Or if you have a DVD player I have some DVD you can use “Tiffany smiled “Yes, I do have a DVD player. If you want mind me borrowing a movie from you.” “Not at all Tiffany.” Toni said with a smile.
As they pulled up in front of Toni house. Tiffany was stunned at how big Toni house was. She wondered how much managers made, Damn, all she could think “Do you mind if I asked you a question?” “Go head Toni said “how long have been with the company?” Toni said Eight years.
“Why are they closing down the California office and will the managers be becoming here? “and Toni stopped her “Tiffany, I can't talk about all the changes that will be taking place,” Tiffany said, “I’m sorry, I didn't want you to get any trouble,” “Okay, good Toni said Let's find you a movie,”
Tiffany was impressed that Toni had a key card on her front door, not a regular key lock, As Tiffany stepped into the house it hit her like a ton of bricks, two beautiful leather couches, and chairs wide screen television and surround sound, six book shelves crowd with books, books even stack on the floor in nice little rows, Toni DVD collection had about forty movies on a shelf, but her CD collection was two book shelves full, of Contemporary Jazz, Tiffany felt Toni must be very educated woman, compared to her two years at the local community college. She must have done something right to have all these luxuries in life.
Tiffany could only hope to have after five years with the company, on her small salary she barely afforded her apartment and food. Her parents had offered to pay the satellite bill for the next three months,
Toni named off a lot of the DVD she had Tiffany never even heard of before, Toni told Tiffany to sat down and read the back of the boxes, to see if she was interested in it.
Toni asked her if she wanted a glass of wine. Tiffany nodded yes, thank-you. it was only 7:30 the night was still early, Toni thought lately Toni had Stacy at the office with Stacy going over the information about each person from California, and their departments, Toni understood Stacy worries she would be handling 10 new managers, from the California offices, on top of her 30 managers, Toni would be getting an assistant. with all the changes the California Secretary manager was not coming with the company, Toni would have to train all the new employees to help the managers, the raise what Toni had hope for but this company has never meet Toni hopes, Toni wished Benn would just come out and say this company is broken. Toni stocks shares will never pay what they should,
Toni though no wonder her sex life was put on hold, Her number one love was money, Sex was number three, she hadn't had a good sex life in so long, just working, making money, taking care of her comforts came last with this company
She was hoping that tonight it might change for her, she could tell by the way Tiffany was V-gay, (Virgin to the gay life style,) maybe if push gentle Tiffany would come into it with Toni and be okay with it, Toni went back to the couch with the drinks in hand,

Tiffany was still reading the back on the DVD's boxes. Toni turned on the television to find something familiar the gay channel had a rating system 1-was mild 5-xxx rated, the television shows blue shirts, rating was two. not to strong, maybe Tiffany would pick up on the hint in a gentle way, the same sex kissing won't be too much for her.

After the show was over with Toni, asked her. Have you ever kissed the same sex? Tiffany shyly said Yes, I have Toni, Being the smart ass that was Toni explained “You know your mother doesn't count in this conversion” Tiffany stunned said “Well how hard could it be Toni,” the conversion was getting intense Toni demanded “what are you saying Tiffany?” Tiffany challenged back, “I am willing to try it, I suppose” Toni hit the mark flying high “with who Tiffany?” Tiffany came back just as strong; boldly rolling her head eyes “Well, you are the only person, I know in this town and in this room’’Toni, Tiffany had glare her down. Toni remembers Tiffany had three glasses of wine vs. her one glass gin and juice. “Don't do nothing you are not ready for Tiffany, “Toni warned Tiffany stated ‘‘I willing to try kissing you Toni.”
Toni as the business woman said “I want it in writing you agreed to this, you mess up my job and my money, I will kill you...Seriously” Toni looked Tiffany straight face to face.... “Fine, write it up,” Tiffany pushed back Toni wrote up the contact and Tiffany signed it.
Toni and Tiffany kissed.... How was it? Nice, Toni Tiffany smiled at Toni. How was it Toni? Nice, Toni being a smart ass said but I kissed better, Tiffany, really I kissed way better than you Tiffany looked at Toni dumbfounded, “Shut up Toni!” and Tiffany hit Toni on the arm. And Toni pulled Tiffany on top of her. Toni asked Tiffany “was she okay with gay sex?” Tiffany lied and said “I don't know much about gay sex? What do they do?” Toni said softly “Nothing that makes you uncomfortable, promise Tiffany, Tiffany smiled “Thanks Toni.” Toni asked “We cool.” Tiffany smiled and shook her head “Yes, cool.”
Toni demanded “Now kiss me again, you need to work on your kissing, Tiffany smiled and kissed Toni.

Toni alarm went off at 5:30 am, Toni raised up, shocked she forgot where she was for a moment, Tiffany moaned beside her Toni raised up the sheets to find herself and Tiffany were both Naked- “Damn, I hope it was good, Toni mumbled... I can't remember.
She closed her eyes, Toni cell phone rang, she answered it “Yeah,” Stacy voice on the other end, and made Toni open her eyes...”Why are you not at the office Toni? “Toni said “Hangover, I’ll be there in ten minutes, make it 30 minutes.” TONI! Stacy shouted Toni hung up the phone. And rolled over to wake Tiffany “Damn! Tiffany, you made me late for work... girl, see what you do to me. Come on Tiff, we have to get to work. Tiffany raised up half still dozing and mumbled “I have no clean clothes” Toni opened up her walk in closet, you can wear something of mine. Here she tossed a towel on the bed, you can take a shower first. Tiffany smiled at Toni and said “we can take a shower together it's faster.” “See... see. You are bad... girl. Toni, slap her on the ass, get in the shower girl, “I’m late” Tiffany said “Yes, but Toni you are my boss, I can't get in trouble” Toni turned on the hot water. “funny Tiffany funny... What I'm going to do with you, girl...Huh...I'm never late.”

Toni drop Tiffany off at the corner and she walked around to the front of the building. Toni heads for the parking garage Toni thinks Tiffany looks good in my black skirt and white blouse, Professionally, just the way she should look, Toni herself was wearing her signature suit, black pin strips pants and light pink blouses and pin stripe jacket, with black sunglasses, O’course

As Toni comes off the elevator, her cell phone rings...Tiffany says “Hey, Donna is not here?” Toni frowns “maybe she dropped dead last night, I will find out and call you back,” as she hangs up her cell.
Toni walks through the glass doors into her office and throws her black sunglasses on her desk. Toni yelled Stacy! The damn office is going to fall down, if I am late.”
Mr. Price didn't send you on private matter, “Toni...You lied!” Stacy stood behind her desk. Toni looked confused and asked “He didn't? Are you sure?” Stacy started walking towards Toni pointing her bony white finger “Toni, where were you?” Toni blow out a breath “Stacy if you must know...I got laid last night.” And then asked “How about you?” Huh... I can't hear you? Huh... Stacy rolled her eyes and mumbled
“Fuck you Toni” Toni smile and replied “ I did all night long.”

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