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by Tank
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A list of most of the characters from the Paige Daniels interactive story
Paige Daniels: An 18 year old senior in high school who has tanned skin and black hair. She's the most popular in her high school but unlike many popular girls, she's sweet and friendly to most people in the grade and teachers. Paige has a very kind attitude,cuse ally being nice to many people. She's 5'2 and around 110 pounds, and also is the captain of the varsity cheerleading and lacrosse team. She's a student who is not dumb but not as smart as the enriched kids. Even with her healthy figure, Paige has a weakness for sweets and barbecued foods. Paige also loves to watch football and play with her sister and cousins. Depending on the path you choose, Paige can stay thin or gain weight, you decide. Paige goes to college at Florida or Bergen CC due to her being too fat to leave home, depending on your choice.

Amanda Daniels: Paige's sister who is going away to college for her sophomore year at Binghamton. Amanda is a bit more of a bitch than her sister, but is til nice to most people. Her interests include watching tv and partying with friends. Like her sister, Amanda has tanned skin and black hair and is also short and thin, with a stature of 5'3 and weighing 120 pounds. In high school, she was also captain of the cheerleading and lacrosse team. Amanda has a weakness for barbecued foods.

Elizabeth Daniels: Paige's thin mother who is obsessed with staying healthy and working out. Her and her husband, Mike, have been married for 24 years. She yells at Paige whenever she sees her eating unhealthy food or if she has the tiniest bit of stomach flab. Elizabeth is tan with black hair and has two sisters, Amy and Sarah. Elizabeth was a cheerleader in college and she wants Paige to do the same. Liz is driven by working out and has a very strict attitude when it comes to eating healthy, but she is a huge stress eater.

Mike Daniels: Paige's father who weighs 260 pounds because he owns a steak restaurant. He usually sneaks leftovers past his overbearing wife to Paige and Amanda. He's bald because of his age and loves watching football, as he taught Paige and Amanda to love football too. He's a big Jets fan, and convinced his family to do the same.

Debby Daniels: Paige's grandmother who used to be like her daughter Elizabeth in the past but has learned to be more laid back on her diet in recent years. She usually gives Paige and Amanda unhealthy candies and treats as presents whenever she visits.

Amy Daniels: Paige's aunt and Elizabeth's older sister who is even more of a health freak than her younger sister, and forces her kids to eat healthy and exercise every day. Amy is very strict about working out and staying in shape. She's the type of person that would freak out over being five pounds overweight. Unfortunately for her, like her younger sister Liz, she is a huge stress eater. It runs in her family. Amy has a soft spot for her husband Jimmy's requests, usually acting laid back with him around.

Sarah Daniels: Paige's other aunt and Elizabeth's younger sister. Unlike her two sisters, Sarah weighs more than both of them combined, weighing in at 320 pounds. She used to be thin, but gained a lot in college. Sarah is a compliance eating, as when she starts eating, she finds it hard to stop. Sarah is a very nice woman who's laid back about her kids diets, which led them to becoming obese like her. Sarah's favorite foods are cake and steak, as she is a very usual patron at Mike's steak restaurant.

Rachel and Fiona Daniels: Paige's cousins and Sarah's twin 15 year old daughters. Clearly they've gained their obese mothers appetite, as they both weigh 170 pounds. While Fiona was always fat, Rachel was thin, until she fell victim to the freshman 15 in high school instead of college like most people. Both have golden blonde/brunette hair. While Rachel is outgoing and more brave, Fiona is the more shy type. However, Rachel's only nervous when it comes to talking to guys.

Lily and Ashley Daniels: Paige's cousins and Amy's daughters. Lily is one year younger than Paige and is an exceptional softball player. Ashley is two years younger and excels at soccer. They've both fallen victim to their mothers overbearing parenting, while Lily weighs 100 pounds, Ashley only weighs 95. Lily and Ashley are both laid back and relaxed, unlike their mother. They both prefer to be the quiet one than to be loud.

Student Body/Friends:
Danielle Harris: Paige's plump 160 pound best friend. Her and Paige are family friends, and have been best friends since they were three years old. Dani does no sports, and when she's not hanging out with friends, she spends her days lounging on the couch and eating snacks. While she tries hard to stay thin, it's quite hard with her obese mother's delicious cooking. Like Paige, she loves football. Danielle is also neighbors with Paige's, as their houses are only two apart from each other. Dani loves to eat, as it is genetic with her mom weighing twice as much as her. Fortunately for Dani, she was gifted with a fast metabolism to balance out her gigantic appetite. Dani despises working out, and is very kind to kids since she was a camp counselor.

Jackie Mills: Paige's second best friend who is also a cheerleader. Paige and Jackie met each other in middle school, and have been good friends with each other since. Jackie is a blonde beauty, who's breasts are among the best in school. Jackie is the type of person who's not afraid when it comes to talking to boys. In fact, she'd had six boyfriends the past three years.

Matt Grant: Paige's boyfriend since the beginning of freshman year and captain of the football and wrestling team. Him and Paige love each other deeply, usually making out when they see each other. Even is she gains, Matt will love her no matter what, making the transition to a FA.

Julianna Stein: One of Paige's other friends who used to be fat but lost a lot of weight in junior year. She met Paige in elementary school,can't they've been good friends since then. Even with the weight loss, Julianna still has a huge appetite. Juliana is a person who is more on the shy side, but when she is around her friends, she can be very outgoing.

Maya Rivers: Jackie's best friend and one of Paige's friends. She also cheerleads and plays lacrosse with Paige. She has black hair and is tan. She met Jackie when they were five and met Paige in middle school. Maya, like Jackie, loves to talk to guys, and is known around school as being one of the hottest girls. Maya has a very loud personality.

Chelsea Wells: Paige's good friend who cheerleads and has brunette hair with a big behind. She met Paige when she moved to Brookside in ninth grade. Chelsea is a woman who prefers to party than study, as its reflected on her grades. Her mother is also a former model, which is where she gets her looks.

Kyle Davis: Matt's best friend and Danielle's boyfriend. They've been dating since tenth grade and while their relationship is among the most made fun of in school, they don't mind. Kyle is also on the track team.

Alexa Morris: Paige's good friend who weighs 180 pounds with brunette hair. If Paige gains weight, she becomes one of Paige's better friends, as they hang out stuffing their faces. Alexa is just a woman who loves to eat, as she can almost always be seen with junk food or fast food.

Grace Beasley: Paige's friend who was fattened up by a teacher because of her bitchy attitude. Now weighing 250 pounds, she can't cheerlead anymore and has learned to be nicer to fat girls.

Carmen Price: An unpopular cheerleader who befriends Paige when she gains weight. She is good friends with the cheerleaders but isn't as popular as them.

Katey Bridges, Jillian Abrams, Vanessa Apple, Aubrey Lynch: More of Paige's friends.

Abby Callan: Paige's best friend/roommate in college who is also a former cheerleader and lacrosse player. If Paige is fat, she'll become fat under her influence. If Paige is thin, she'll be a huge victim of the freshman 15, and maybe even cause Paige to gain. Abby had brunette hair and a large rack of breasts. Abby, like Paige, is very kind to most people around her, and is very funny.

Rachel Lake: One of Paige and Abby's best friends who could also become fat under the influence of Paige or Abby. She has brunette hair, and like Paige, used to cheerlead and play lacrosse.

Emma White: Paige's possible roommate who is thin and obsessed with running and eating healthy. If Paige is fat, she'll hate Paige. If Paige is thin, they'll form a good friendship. Emma hates fat girls, as her mother taught her that being fat is awful.

Bergen CC:
Sophie Waters: Paige's thin roommate who gets fattened by Paige's constant sloppiness of leaving junk food around. She has pale skin and brunette hair.

Teachers at Brookside:
Coach Pellegrino: Paige's overweight lacrosse coach who also teaches math. She used to be thin, but gained weight due to her befriending someone fat on her college lacrosse team. She has black hair and loves fast food and Italian food. Coach loves to eat during practice, and has a very loud personality during games.

Mrs. Burke: A fat brunette English teacher who is known for punishing students to fatten themselves, such as Grace Beasley. She has a very short temper and loves eating during class. She forbids eating during class, even though she ironically stuffs her face every period.

Mrs. Rush: A very nice 300 pound math teacher from Harvard who usually spends the period eat while she assigns her students worksheets to do in class. Her class is usually very easygoing, and she allows students to eat during class.
Mrs. Rush is more of the quiet type, but when someone upsets her, she can get very loud.

Coach Prior: Paige's thin and friendly cheerleading coach who also teaches English. She's brunette and loves to joke around with her students during class and cheerleaders during practice. While Coach Prior keeps a slim figure, she has a huge weakness for sweets and candies.

Mr. Green: Matt's wrestling coach and Paige's social studies coach who loves Paige as a student because he loves Matt.

Mrs. Adams: Paige's science teacher

Mrs. Hill: Paige's gym teacher who constantly berates students for not being healthy even though she is quite big herself. She yells at students for being too slow even though she chases them with a golf cart around the track.

Other Characters:
Kylie Cunningham: Paige's best friend from Riverside High School. She also cheerleads and plays lacrosse. Kylie is very thin, only weighing 100 pounds and is very popular in school.

Gina Harper: Kylie's best friend in Riverside who is good friends with Paige. While she used to cheerlead, play basketball and lax, a freak injury during basketball caused her to be very inactive, as she spent her days eating on the couch and studying. While being injured, she developed a huge appetite and grew to 220 pounds.

Karen Harris: Danielle's obese mother who always serves Dani and herself unhealthy food. She is very fat, weighing 320 pounds, and is good friends with Elizabeth. They hang out together a lot and go out for lunch together, where Karen makes a pig of herself. Karen, like Dani, has a gigantic appetite, but unlike her daughter, has a very slow metabolism at her age, causing her to gain very quickly and lose weight slowly. Karen is a loud person who loves to talk, especially to Liz. Her weakness is Mexican food, as she would eat tacos at any time.

Denise Wells: Chelsea's former model mother, who could start to gain from hanging out with Karen and Liz a lot. She is very talkative, like Karen.

Bailey Daniels: Paige's dog

You could also create your own characters! Just email me and I'll decide if they make a good fit.
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