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Poem of forbidden love
Far in distant land of yore
a Galahad of sorts was borne
and yon in village, bleak and torn
young maiden came to being.

He grew and knew not of she
young maiden ripe knew not of he
yet paths of fate did cross, you see
love bloomed for these two dwellers.

Family royal planned his life
a chosen maid to be his wife
a duty noble sealed with knife
behind closed doors of Alnwick.

A treasure fated for a King
was offered in a dowry scheme
and payment made the pact complete
all but for the linking.

This Galahad threw down his sword
slamming doors without a word
and off on beating hooves he torn
to open arms awaiting.

His love and he would flee from hell
to shelter there at Liafail
vows of love forever held
in shadows of the crowning.

These rogues they grew, swift of hand
a gypsy life across the land
hidden in the Nomad band
the bounty grew for capture.

Enchanted castles by the sea
a flower garden meant for thee
young maiden happy as can be
but will her dreams betray her?

In hidden forest, misty glens
and valley farms with many hens
too soon they found they had no friends
as warrant now was posted.

The Royal Court had mounted steeds
the search was on with many leads
the rogues were famous for their deeds
notorious for their actions.

"Should you see them, one or two
a bounty great be paid to you"
rewards of riches grand and true
to bring the rogues to justice.
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