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They should have left well enough alone
Hush! The moment is almost at hand.
Click - another minute announces the darkened night
Trumpet! Herald a new beginning
Pray – Those enchanted by the ensuing rite.

Lo, the land awaits the new birth.
A mansion from days christened long ago,
now pushes and heaves upward through the earth,
in majestic splendor to rule the weak and bold.

No weed or careless seed grow here,
smothered by grass, tall and strong, watching in sentinel rapture,
paying homage only to the lair of the gargoyle seer.
All shall bow to the strength and glory of their regal stature.

Three young maids in garb of black,
drift to the edge of the emerald expanse.
Come, whispers the wind, do not draw back.
Undulating waves lift and carry them over the distance.

The mansion moans its welcome
to explore the depth of what it offers.
There is nothing to fear or to run from.
Hospitality never forgotten during those dying years

The fearful maid tried to run,
when the grass transformed to razor spheres.
The shameful one cried in mocking fashion,
taunting the ghosts arise to placate fears

The joyful one laughed in delight
to have the home come so alive.
Three bathe in the moonlight
To beguile those that here do thrive.

Three pillars coalesce in the softness of the night
Their life blood merging into the lattice
Souls of maids and home unite
Seek not solace from this their stoic vice.

Softly now, the dawn whispers in.
The shadows of times long since gone
return to the earth thy vanquished sin.
The day cannot be known to those now fallen.

[Line count - 36]
free verse
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