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First Two Chapters

Chapter One - CNN Broadcasts the Revolution

When the Khan invaded and took over the world, our advance warning systems did not detect the invasion fleet until it was too late. One moment everything was normal, the next moment they were there, everywhere all over the planet. When they arrived, the Khan shut down the entire electric grid of the world for over an hour. Rumors spread around the entire world, by word of mouth since all telecommunications were down. When the power came back on CNN began broadcasting, live, the initial stages of the takeover of the planet Earth.

Wolf Jackson, the white male CNN afternoon anchor, reports,

"This is CNN with a live update on the extraordinary events that have just been transpiring the last two hours. This is Wolf Jackson reporting. It is truly unbelievable. About an hour ago, the power went out all over the earth. The power has just come back up. Fragmentary reports are coming in from all over the place. It appears that giant spiders, rats, reptiles, dogs, and cats have invaded the earth. They appear to be running around the world - millions of them, running amuck and killing people left and right, with ray guns and tanks. So far they have not said a word as to who they are and what they want from us earth people.

Over to Jamie Wilson standing live at the Pentagon. Jamie, what can you tell us?”

Wolf, sources at the Pentagon said that the skies are filled with giant ships that appeared out of nowhere and no one had any advance warning. The Pentagon is on high level alert and the Department of Homeland Security has just declared code red and is scrambling to respond even as we speak. Governments around the world are rushing into action as reports are coming in. back to you, Wolf.”

There is a blinding light and the Pentagon feed goes dead. There is momentary silence as CNN goes off line. CNN comes back on line a few minutes later and Wolf continues reporting the news live:

This just in: New York City, Moscow, Washington, Chicago, Berlin, and just about every other capital city appears to have been destroyed by what appears to have been nuclear bombs. The Pentagon appears to have sustained a direct hit and we have lost all contact with NYC, Washington, Moscow, Berlin and many other cities. Atlanta and Los Angeles appear to have been spared.”

"What the beep? Who the beep is you? What do you want?"

Wolf Jackson is shot and killed on live TV worldwide. A giant eight-legged spider like creature dressed in a combat uniform walks around the news desk, and sits down. He motions to the camera crew to continue broadcasting, and then he picks up the dead announcer, and arrogantly tosses the body aside. He turns to the camera and begins speaking:

"Now that I have gotten your attention, people of Earth, greetings. I am a commander of the Galactic Empire. You can call me Commander Zero, my real name is not important and you can't pronounce it anyway. The earth has been taken over and added to the empire. You are now subjects of the Galactic Empire.

Your capital cities have been destroyed. Many of you are being rounded up and being exterminated. I regret the necessity, but to ensure stability and order, those of you who will likely resist the new order will be terminated as will those who offer any resistance.

It is very simple, actually. I am in charge. My troops are in charge. You will be instructed to report to training and assignment centers shortly. Until then, stay at home so that the security forces can come by to interview you.

Unfortunately, most of the security forces do not speak any of your archaic languages so there may be some miscommunications. That's why you should stay tuned to the television, radio, or internet for proper instructions. When they come to your house, they will have you fill out a questionnaire regarding your family background, history, and skills.

Old people, disabled people, obvious sexual deviants, drug addicts, degenerates, mixed race people, and people who refuse to follow orders will be terminated on the spot. We will talk about religion in a moment, but we are doing this for your own good. We believe in eugenic cleansing and you have too many febrile, useless people. Your society tolerated weakness. We do not. Your society was divided into different racial lines; we can respect that so we will clean up your society for you. Your society tolerated sexual deviants. We do not. In the galactic empire women and men are different and women are used for reproduction purposes and training of children. Men are assigned to work. So starting today, men will be assigned to a work detail. Women of childbearing age will be taken to the breeding centers, or assigned to the reeducation centers. Children will be taken to reeducation camps for proper education.

Once you have been assigned a work detail, you will be assigned housing as well. Men and women will be given housing in separate dormitories. Children will be housed in special camps.

Now a few words about your society. All nation states have been abolished. All corporations are being reorganized and turned over to corporations from the Galactic Empire. All government offices are being converted to arms of the Galactic Empire. All of your leaders will be tried and executed for crimes against the new order. The executions will be shown on TV starting this afternoon. The first executions will be your political leaders, followed by your business leaders. All property owned by the former rich will be confiscated and their property will become the property of the master race.

The master race needs the assistance of human beings to build the new order. Therefore, all prisoners are being released. Those prisoners who wish to join the new order will be given jobs as security specialists. Their job will be to help to build the new order. They will be given good jobs, salaries and property confiscated from the old elitist fascist pigs that so exploited your people.

The fascist pigs will be rounded up and executed. Everyone will be invited to a feast; you will be asked to help "Eat the Rich." Those who refuse to participate in revolutionary justice will join the rich on the dinner table.

Your earth languages are being abolished. Everyone will be taught galactic standard at your work places. Everyone will be expected to begin speaking it immediately. After one year, the use of other languages in public will be cause for immediate execution. Use of other languages on the phone, television, and radio or in your private homes will be illegal after one year. All children will be taught only galactic standard. Teaching children or adults to read or write any other language will be punishable by death.

All books and printed material, including videos and tapes will be turned in for destruction. When our security specialists visit your homes the next few days, they will be confiscating all books and other such information material. Any such item in your possession will be confiscated and destroyed on the spot.

All bookstores, libraries and culture centers will be destroyed. Anyone found with forbidden books will be executed as an enemy of the people. Afterwards, only approved literature in galactic standard will be permitted. The internet has been suspended. We will restore it once we have cleansed it of inappropriate material, and have translated sites into Galactic standard. You will be informed when you can use the internet again.

Your religious institutions will be abolished. Religion is truly the opiate of the masses as your great leader Mao said. Great man, that Mao. Hitler was also a great man. He had the right idea, the final solution. Kill them all, all who oppose the righteous rule of the Master Race. All priests, ministers, mullahs and the like will be taken away and made slaves in mining and hard labor camps, nuns will be made into prostitutes for the master race and their new human allies. Religious institutions will be converted into warehouses, and storehouses. Mosques will be converted into pigsties, as will synagogues. The wealth of the churches will be confiscated, the golden statutes melted down, the artwork destroyed. You will all be liberated from the tyranny of religion. If you wish to continue to follow your stupid superstitious nonsense preached by your idiotic ministers, you will be terminated. All religious activity must cease today. Those who turn in so called believers to our security forces will be rewarded. Those who persist in their foul subversive activities will be harshly punished before being killed.

Remember this and remember this well. We have ruled the Galaxy for ten thousand years and have never seen any evidence of God, Jesus, Mohammed, Buddha or any of the other supernatural beings you deluded people worship. There is no God or Allah to save you. We will rule you and you will obey us and over time you may even begin to prosper as you help us build the glorious empire. Long live the Empire!

Finally, a few words about sexual relations. We know that you humans need to have sex. We also know that we need you to reproduce occasionally. However, it is our experience that human families cause too many problems. So to prevent the continued existence of the old order, all families are being broken up. Eventually we will allow human families to form up again, but only after the children have been reeducated and society has been transformed. In the meantime, we will tolerate the continued existence of bars where men and women can meet for sex. However, any child born after today will be taken away to be reeducated and all existing family units will be broken up and separated. Those who resist will be terminated. Understood?

Furthermore, we Khan are all males. In order for the Khan to reproduce we require the assistance of females. So all women of childbearing age may be called upon to serve as breeders. Unfortunately, giving birth to a Kahn kills the mother. Therefore, we will need a lot of volunteers.

Service as a breeder will be a glorious adventure and you will be richly rewarded. If you are selected as a breeder, you will be taken to a special facility where you will entertain the master race until your time is due.

Now the good news. All of you will be given decent jobs, with decent working conditions. You will all be working for the greater glory of the Galactic Empire. Those of you who excel in learning the glorious galactic language, and who excel in adapting to the new order may be promoted eventually to full citizenship. Of course, the Kahn remain the master race, but there are many other races in the universe. Everyone is equal in the galactic brotherhood. Just to demonstrate this to you. Commander one, two and three please come up here."

A giant brown rat, over six feet, dressed in a military uniform came to attention followed by a 5-foot black cat and a 6-foot green reptile. Everyone were standing on two legs.

Commander Zero goes on. "These are other commanders in the Galactic Imperial force. I am a Kahn; theses are members of other races. All of us are equal, except only the Kahn are members of the Galactic Imperial family.

That's it for now. We will shortly begin broadcasting the first galactic history lesions. You will be required to learn this, so pay attention. Those of you who learn well will be rewarded; those who refuse to obey will be terminated.

A final reminder though. Refusal to follow orders given to you by a member of the master race or proper authorities is punishable by instant death. Failure to understand orders given in Galactic Standard is not an excuse. Failure to promptly comply, results in instant termination. In other words, when we tell you do to fucking do something, you do it or we kill you. Understand how it works? Understood? There is no appeal; there are no goddamned lawyers, there is no God above to save your sorry asses, and our decisions are final.

But, before I go, I thought you might enjoy seeing pictures of your greatest cities being destroyed one by one. We'll show you the destruction of your New York City this morning. What a spectacle! I fucking loved it. It showed the superiority of the military power of the Khan. And it showed how unprepared you people are to fight back. To quote from one of your stupid TV shows, Star Trek, as the Borg said, 'resistance is futile. You will be absorbed.'

So you all better fucking pay attention, this is no fucking game. It is real life and we are here. Get over it. We are the master race and you will do as you are told.

It is a pity we did not have time to properly loot that magnificent city. But we didn’t have time and we had to destroy the city in order to save it so to speak. Oh well. We have to get your attention somehow. Oh, that reminds me. Bring up one of the humans."

Frank Aller, one of the camera operators is dragged up to the desk. Commander Zero looks at him, and says, "Okay, human, tell me. What did I say?"

The camera operator says, "ugh, we must obey the rules of the master race?"

"Good boy. But you know, I don't like your attitude. So you have a choice - you can die now or you can die later. What do you choose?"

"Ugh, die later?"

"Wrong answer, punk."

Commander Zero pulls out a gun and shoots the camera operator. Then he calmly walks out, and barks out an order,

"Dispose of that waste. CNN please resume your broadcasting but make sure you tell the truth. If I hear any subversive words from you or your colleagues I will come back and personally kill you."

Tom Jefferson, another male CNN anchor person returns and starts talking about the situation.

"This is extraordinary. The world has been taken over by the Galactic Empire. This is the most important event in human history. I for one am going to look forward to the new era. The old era had so many problems. Perhaps we will all be better off starting fresh in the Galactic Empire. It would be better for us if we all remain calm and learn how to adapt to our new situation. It would be foolish to say the least try to fight back and I for one am not going to throw away my life over some romantic nonsense of human independence. The old world has died; a new one has been born."

He stops as a rat creature comes up and hands him a piece of paper. He reads the following:

"The Galactic Broadcasting Service now owns CNN. We will continue to bring you live coverage of the liberation of planet Earth as it happens. But first, a word from our sponsors."

The following commercial is shown.

A huge space ship lands in front of the White House. A spider comes out followed by a rat and a cat. The President comes out and bows to them. The President offers them a coke. The spider drinks the coke and says, "Ah Coca Cola. Truly one of the best products you ever made. Long live the Empire! Long Live Coca Cola! Now part of the Galactic Cola corporation. "

Chapter Two - A Walk in the Woods

The day the world as we knew it ended over 25 years ago. It all started on a fine spring morning in April just 15 years after the turn of the century. Before the week was over the earth had been conquered and made part of the Galactic Empire. Many of you were alive at that time. Most of you do not remember when humanity was free and the spiders were not our masters. When the invasion happened, many of your family and loved ones perished during the initial invasion - some say 200 million, others 300 million but the true number is one billion humans were rounded up and executed.

25 years ago, I had just retired from my position in the U.S. Foreign Service. The U.S. Foreign Service consisted of diplomats who worked overseas promoting American interests. I had worked in over 10 different countries before retiring. I decided to celebrate by taking five months off and hiking the Pacific Crest trail starting on the Mexican Border and moving towards Canada.

For those of you who do not know the old place names of the world as it was, California was a state that stretched along the west coast of what is now called "Continent One." San Diego was a city located about 150 Galactic kilometers south of the old city of Los Angeles, which is now of course, Capital City under the spider's nomenclature. California was an important state among the 50 states (political subdivisions) of the United States of America. The U.S.A. was the most important of the old countries and was a superpower. Mexico and Canada were two other countries that shared the North American continent with the U.S.A.

Most of you probably do not remember when the world was filled with countries and filled with States and cities, and each country was different, with different languages and customs. Nowadays under the spiders, everything is boring, bland and the same and few remember the old languages and customs.

I had been planning the trip for several years and had finally convinced my life-long friend, William, to join me. Will was an actor but never quite made the big time. I also had not made the big time, and had retired after I reached the mandatory retirement age. We were both somewhat bitter old men. Nevertheless, I was looking forward to the adventure. Just the two of us with no phones, no nets, no electronic devices of any kind. Just two old men hiking the Pacific Crest trail while they could still do it.

April 10th, 9 a.m. I arrived in San Diego from my home in Berkeley, where I was to hook up with Will. I left the airport and caught a taxi to the hotel where we were going to meet up. Will had been in town for a few days, getting supplies etc. He had just finished his last movie shooting and was in a sour mood. Movies in those days were a big business and were a very popular form of entertainment. Like many other things, few people have seen the old style movies, which are a thousand times more interesting than the entertainment shows on the Galactic TV system. In addition, they use real actors rather than computer generated programs. How boring.

I arrived at the hotel lobby, and saw Will had arrived already and was having breakfast. I walked up to him and gave him our usual greeting as befits friends who had known each other since first grade.

So, Will, how’s it feel? You’d done your last shoot. Man, oh, Man, I am looking forward to this adventure. Let's get going, man.”

Jake, chill out, dude. Have something to eat, and then we roll. I’m done, man, never made it quite but hey, I never waited no tables, man.”

Hell, no, and I did not become Ambassador {highest diplomatic rank in the old world} Jake. You’ve got the maps, packs, food, water, and stuff, right?”

Yeah, and you got some cash, {old style paper money} and your gear all to go, right?”

Yeah, I’m cool. Hmm. That's looks good. I'll get some food, then we head out.”

We ate our breakfast, got caught up on things, paid our bills, and loaded up the car. {Old style personal gas powered vehicle – almost everyone had one in those days} We left San Diego, heading southeast toward the town of Campo and the Mexican-US trail head, on a wonderful Spring day, blue sky, light 70’s, (old temperature) a bit of a breeze, not too much air pollution or smog as we used to call it.

The Pacific Crest trail was part of the old Pan American trail. We had originally planned to take a whole year off and travel the entire trail, but decided that the Central American and South American portions of the trail were too dangerous, as highway men infested the trails, robbing and sometimes killing hikers. The U.S. trail was relatively safe, but we were packing armor, stun guns, and gas canisters, just to be on the safe side. The most dangerous part of the trail was near the border as “coyotes” (humans who worked trafficking other humans into the U.S.A. to seek illegal employment) took illegal workers in disguised as hikers. Moreover, they sometimes stooped real hikers for "donations and, of course, if you did not make a donation you were likely to become a statistic – just another dead hiker in the dessert. The Pacific Crest trail, although in very bad shape, still exists and is used mostly by smugglers, other criminal elements, and the resistance (triads) as a supply route. Still very dangerous!

We reached the trailhead about 11:30 a.m. We met our old friend, John Paul Jones, at the trailhead. John was 45 years old, a strong, African-American muscle-bond guy who worked out every morning. John was an ex-marine that I had met at a previous posting when he was the Embassy Gunnery Sergeant. (The Marines served as security guards for official diplomatic missions overseas). He was based in Los Angeles and frequently hung out with both of us. John was going to drive along and meet up with us at designated times to deliver messages, supplies and to give us rides into towns where we can go to a hotel, get a shower, food, and perhaps meet some women. Will had never married and my spouse had decided to let me have a final adventure without her constant company. She would meet us along the way mid-way and at the end, but she was not a big fan of the outdoors having had enough of it during her military career.

We got out gear up, did a final check to ensure that the tent {old-fashioned portable housing unit that one could carry in a backpack} worked; that the flashlights had batteries; that we had all the supplies divided up between the two of us; that the packs and boots fit well. We were ready. We made our good byes to John, and arranged to meet up in seven days’ time, in the town of Anza, {now a ghost town} on highway 74 along the Pines-Palms Springs highway (old highway that went deep into the dessert – still used as a major smuggler route for the anti-spider resistance forces, the triads).

The day before the world ended went by peacefully for us. We were obvious as we were off the net, off line, cut off from cell phones, papers, newscasts of all sorts. We just wanted to hike in the woods and loose ourselves. Little did we know what was to transpire. Later that day, we came to a stream by a lake high up in the mountains and decided to camp out for the night. We set up camp, and went fishing and took a swim. We went to bed early, after smoking some dope. {Illegal drug that was commonly used in those days}. We stayed up late talking shit about our past lives, the mistakes we had made and things we had regretted doing.

The next morning, we got up early before sunrise and began our second day on the trail. In the rest of the world, the dawn broke with the arrival of the spiders and Day One of the revolution had started with executions of world leaders televised all over the planet. We were unaware of the end of the world, as we knew it.

Later I often thought that because we missed the beginning of the invasion we were somehow immune to the brainwashing and propaganda and able to see clearly what had transpired. Certainty when we found out what had transpired while we were in the woods it was an eerie feeling.

We hiked for hours and hours and the sun got hotter and hotter, bearing down on our naked backs. We took a long lunch break, and headed out the trail before breaking for camp along another little stream we had found. So far, our trail maps had proven accurate to a T. We figured we had covered 25 hours in a little less than two days. We spent the night again talking about our past life and what we had done and about what the future would bring to us as retirees.

Day 3 took us out into the high desert region east of San Bernardino, and west of the Inland Empire, again to use the old nomenclature. This is where we expected to run into “coyotes” and other criminal elements. All day we hiked along the trail, and never ran into another human being, which was unusual, as you would normally have run into another hiker, and maybe some illegals or border patrol types. This part of the trail was high-mountain dessert and pretty deserted though, so we although we thought it unusually deserted, we were not too worried, yet.

About 2 pm, we crossed a highway, not a major road but still a road, and we were surprised to see no traffic at all. {In those days many people traveled by personal vehicles unlike the situation now where most people travel by bus or train and the only other vehicles on the road are official vehicles}. Nothing seemed to be moving. Will and I were a bit disturbed by the silence, and vowed to walk into the next town to see what was going on. A half an hour later, we decided to keep going until we would meet John on day 7 as we ascended into the Anza basin area.

Day 4 dawned and we continued our rambles through the high desert trails, oblivious to the fact that the world as we knew it had ended two days before. We did not know what had transpired and may have been the only people in the State of California so oblivious. We walked all day though the high desert mountains and enjoyed ourselves. We made less time as we stopped for a long lunch and nap when the weather hit 100 degrees F. (50 degrees’ Galactic standard).

Day 5 dawned quiet and peaceful. Too peaceful, perhaps. After hiking for a few hours, we entered a Forest Service Camping area and came upon a log cabin that was recently evacuated. {In the old days, the forests were managed by the Forest Service, which also operated some vacation home areas. These homes, available for rent, were rustic old-fashioned houses made of logs. Nowadays of course the forests are largely deserted except for the occasional prisoner work gang, or triad smuggling gangs.

I looked as if the people had run off suddenly. The door was blown off, and all the supplies were strewn about. There were footprints in the sand, but the footprints were not quite right. Some of them looked as if Giant eight-legged creatures had made them, others looked as if some strange two legged creatures had made them and humans made others. In any event, the cabin was deserted. There were no cars nearby and it looked as if the camping ground had been hastily evacuated. Normally, you would expect to see a few people using these cabins on a nice Spring day like that one.

There was a piece of paper stuck on the door, with a snippet of a headline as if from a newspaper article, “Long Live the Revolution. This House has been Declared Sanitized for the Revolution. All Unauthorized Humans Have Been Processed for Reeducation. Thanks to the Glorious Leadership of the Kan. Long Live the Emperor” There were also letters in a strange alphabet that neither Will nor I could recognize. Between the two of us we had passing familiarity with the script of about 25 languages.

Will and I walked on speculating at what we had just seen and vowing to wander into a town soon to check out what was going on. We decided to camp out near the camping ground, in hopes of finding out more information. We found a cabin that was in relatively good shape and enjoyed sleeping in beds for a change and having a real stove to cook on. The electricity was out but the water still worked a bit and the gas powered stove also worked. We were also enjoyed showers. We stayed up late speculating about what was going on and debating whether we should make a phone call or two but finally decided not to but to wait until we met John in a few days.

Day 6 dawned cold and wet. It was if the heavens were upset at us. It was quite unusual weather for that time of year. We made breakfast and speculated all morning over what was going on. Around 11 a.m., we came upon a gruesome sight. We saw a pack of wild dogs eating what appeared to the corpse of elderly white man. We scared the dogs off by firing some stun guns at them. We walked up to the old man, who was still alive, but barely. He appeared to have been shot and was bleeding to death, and both his legs had been eaten off by the feral dogs. We asked him his name, and what had happened. He looked at us and crocked out his final words, “The Giant Space alien spiders are coming over the hill. Beware.” Then he lay down and died.

We decided we had better move on after burying the old man in the ground. We took his wallet in hopes we could find his next of kin and let them know what had happened. I made a notation on my laptop as to the exact location we buried him for future reference and I noted the location of the camp ground as well. I was tempted to go on line but Will suggested waiting until we got to a more secure location. Whatever the spiders were we did not want to run into them unprepared.

That night we decided to break our vow of not using technology and decided to try to make a phone call to John. I had brought a cell phone with me but had kept it turned off. I turned it on and tried to raise John on the phone. After repeated attempts, I reached him.

John, man,” "what's going on? Are we still on for Sunday at 11 am?"

"Jake, man, where the fuck are you?"

"We'll still on the trail, about 30 miles from the meeting point."

"Jake, hang up the phone. They can find you. You don’t want to be found. Believe me. I am still free, but I have been running. Stay low, out-of-sight and I’ll see you in two days on Sunday afternoon. We'll meet as we arranged. Your wife is missing as well but I’ll try to find her and bring her along. I’ll explain everything then. Don’t risk another call."

Will and I sit down, look at each and start talking again about the weirdness we have been experiencing.

"Will, what the heck is going down? What did John mean by they can find you? You don’t want to be found? Who the hell are they?"

"Jake, man, maybe they the same spider dudes that wiped out the cabin guys. I mean, there was some serious shit going down there. And the dogs eating an old man. I mean when did that ever happen? And we have not seen a single human being since we started hiking. And, why was there no traffic on the highway? What the fuck is going down?"

"Something evil is going down, Will, my friend. Moreover, that means we have better keep our wits about us. I think we should take turns staying up tonight. I'll take the first watch."

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