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A poem for a competition in Wiriter's Cramp. 30 lines
The secret of the White Talking Leaves

Lying on the ground and floating in the stream,
talking white leaves chatter and giggle on end.
Arising from people's interaction, sweet and bitter,
some who've strolled in the park and other
who've sat beneath the trees, loving or hating,
generating their positive and negative energies.

“One couple today were fighting like cat and dog,
another were in love, almost making love as such”.
“I saw them and heard them; whew, what a scene,
it would be great to see them in a private place”.
“The fighters were extreme, hatred abounded,
I wonder how they ever linked up; or connect”.

A manikin appeared, chuckling as he joined them.
“The human genome is made that way of course,
to love and to hate, to compete and to conquer,
“The survival of the fittest, to win they are taught”.
“But surely they know this cannot achieve anything,
it's totally self-destroying, it leads to final death?”

Manikin frowns in deep concern, in all sincerity.
“Humankind has still not learned and accepted
that all life is one energy, an expression of love,
all sourced from the eternal energy of their Creator”.
The white talking leaves all shed a tear, distraught,
“Why? Surely they should know; it's just love energy!”

Manikin sighed and disappeared in a gentle cloud.
White talking leaves withered as prescribed in life,
but stayed perplexed at humankind's depravity,
their total lack of understanding of life's basics;
the base rule of "one for all, all for one” in that
all is energy in this realm; all, in truth, is spirit.”.
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